Yesterday, I celebrated my 33rd Birthday! I took a moment and write down 32 new things I did when I was 32. I felt inspired when I realized all the things I accomplished this past year. It made me more aware of all of the growth that I had experienced. And, keep in mind, progress equals happiness.

Because my Birthday is near the end of the year, I encourage you to write down the age you are and use that number as a reference point to write down the the new things you did in 2013!

Celebrate your progress!

Here’s my list of 32 new things I did when I was 32:

1. Presented as guest speaker to an audience of 200 people

2.  Led my first live workshop

3. Launched a new website

4. Published my first ebook

5. Made new friends!

6. Went to a raw cooking class

7. Traveled to Hawaii by myself

8. Went on my first retreat

9. Attended more meditation classes in one year than ever before

10. Received my first blessings from a meditation teacher

11. Bought my first Stella McCartney bag

12. Got new hangers for my closet and organized it better

13. Ordered spaghetti at a restaurant

14. Traveled to Sedona, Arizona

15. Traveled to Atlanta, Georgia

16. Did my first Headstand in the middle of the room without support

17. Did my first Tripod handstand in the middle of the room

18. Received Neurofeedback treatment

19. Received Theta healing treatment

20. Lead a 4 week course

21. Received Zero Balancing treatment

22. Got an iMac

23. Sponsored an event

24. Contributed to new charities

25. Started taking new vitamins – Omega 3’s, Zinc and Cal Amo

26. Did a ropes course

27. Attended a Tactivate course

28. Went to HayHouse “I Can Do It” Conference

29. Went to a TedX live event

30. Achieved new financial goals

31. Completed my first full year of marriage

32. Joined Kula Yoga

Here’s a pic of my Birthday sorbet!

Happy Birthda