Jessie Gardner is an inspirationsist. She combines the latest research in psychology and neuroscience with the magic of inspiration to create experiences where it hasn’t yet sprouted.

She hatched HeySoul in 2014, as a twenty-something working girl crushed by the corporate lifestyle. Jessie was drained, unfulfilled, disconnected and desperate to reconnect to her heart & soul that she had checked at the door and forgot about each day before going to work. She began the search for meaning, self-discovery and a way to reconnect.

HeySoul started with the simple idea that corporate success doesn’t define who we are or dictate the happiness and abundance we’re capable of experiencing. Jessie began to notice as the job siphoned hours away from my life,  started to lose connection with the parts of life that used to make her scream “WOW!” like love, adventure, sense of purpose, health, creativity, gratitude, and so on. After a late night at the office, she decided to do something that gave her chills, challenged by her idea of what she thought she was capable of, and committed to doing something BIG about it. 

And in the process, Jessie found that all it takes to wake up from the fog of a false sense of success, yawn of a job, unloving habits in relationships and anything else taking away from life rather than giving to it, is a positive disruption.

It was the art and power of ritual that was the positive disruption that changed her life, empowered her to quit her job in 2016, and pursue HeySoul full time. 

And now, Jessie’s work is creating positive rituals to reconnect people who feel disconnected to who they are and want to be. HeySoul is here to introduce the world to a new definition of bliss unlike any self-help resource before it.

The HeySoul box experience is not a gift box – it is so much more. Inside each box are symbolic items that were chosen with great care and intention. With each item comes a modern ritual and small action for you to take that fits into your busy lifestyle and connects you to who you are.  Here are the current HeySoul experiences (with many more to come); Love, Creativity, Adventure, Purpose, Calm, Mind + Body + Soul, Gratitude, Joy etc… Each with the goal of creating an experience that inspires you to pause your busy life, engage in quality “me-time” and reconnect with your core, your happiness, and your truth.