I normally don’t share testimonials, but I thought this story might inspire you. 

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in your career and wondering, is it possible to make a change?

I talk to so many people that feel stuck in their career, but have limiting beliefs that block them, such as, “In order to make a career change, I will have to start over or take less money.”

And that was Alicia’s story too. She spent years at a great job in healthcare after obtaining a care CPD course, believing that thought kept her stuck in an unfulfilling career. And not only was she unsure about how to make a change – she didn’t even know what her passion was. 

She just e-mailed me this a year later…

“My work with Anna completely changed my life. I came to Anna after reaching my peak of frustration in a seemingly great career, for which I had no passion or interest. I had never worked with a coach or therapist in the past. Engaging Anna as a coach was my big push to finally work toward a balanced life and be happy with the most time-consuming part of it — my career.

Anna’s approach to coaching is incredibly thoughtful and energizing. Ultimately, you have to do the work, but Anna is supportive without being aggressive and understanding without being enabling. For me at least, she struck the perfect balance to keep me motivated on my journey of self-improvement and discovery.

Like magic, I identified my passion and got the job (!!!!) all within in the timeframe of our coaching sessions. My last call with Anna was actually a strategy call to determine how to negotiate the terms of my brand new job offer. A year later, I’m excelling in my new career — in a space that does not feel like work at all. I love what I do, and I’m incredibly proud of how I made it happen (but in reality — I owe 99% of it to the work and support of Anna).

One last note, I was convinced that in order to make a career change I would have to start over or take less money. Anna gave me the skills and confidence to squash that limiting belief. I transferred to the career of my dreams, at a slightly higher salary and have the opportunity to grow within this new role. If you are unhappy or feel trapped in any part of your life — you have everything you need within you to take control and make a change. It’s just much easier to visualize and keep on track with someone like Anna as your guide.“

So tell me: What are you believing that is stopping you from pursuing the career of your dreams?