Susie Romans is a successful business owner, an online business and marketing strategist and a mother of two kids. She shares her story of how she quit her job and started her own business from scratch, increased her revenues and embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship.

When did she start her business and what did it look like?Susie Romans

Susie says her interest in marketing and sales started right after college, she job hopped and ended up working in a digital marketing agency. Susie says she has always loved digital marketing. During this time, she also worked with some small local businesses, helping these businesses to advertise on social media platforms like Facebook. It was during this time she also started her own blog and that eventually led her towards the transition from working in a firm to starting her own business. Her second son was born in 2013 and Susie says by the year 2014, she was so busy in her life because she had to be a good mother, be there for her husband as a wife, do her job in the firm and give time to her blog as well. It was during this time Susie realized she had to choose between her job and the blog. She decided to quit her job and focused on earning from her blog. Susie says she had the confidence of knowing what she was doing when she quit the job.

How did she gain visibility for her blog?

Susie says she never wrote every day on her blog. Susie believed that if you want to get large traffic on your blog, you need to have that element of surprise on your blog so you can get the audience’s attention and keep them curious. Susie also used Pinterest to increase traffic on her blog.

How did she make her transition from a blog to a business owner?

As more people started visiting Susie’s blog, Susie she thought of becoming a business development manager. She started working from home and would only go out for her work when she had to meet her bosses; the business owners with whom she was working. Many people were surprised on how she could sit at home and work in her comfort zone. This propelled Susie to write an eBook titled “How to be a social media manager?” hoping she could help other people work from home as well. Susie says that although the traffic on her blog increased every day and the fact that she sold eBook on her blog to a handful amount of people, she was not earning a reasonable amount of money. A particular friend of Susie advised her to sell something, which is pricier. Susie realized she was good in marketing and thought of offering her marketing strategies to women who are struggling in their businesses.

Did she use traffic from her blog to support in service?

Susie says the traffic from her blog helped her to get clients whom she could help in their businesses. However, there were some unambitious people as well who were not sure as to what they want to do with their careers and businesses. Susie says she likes working with ambitious people who are ready to put in the effort and energy for their business.

How did Susie know she had the desire to be an entrepreneur?

Both of Susie’s parents were immigrants and financially, Susie had a tough childhood. Her parents worked very hard to make sure there was bread on the table. From a very young age, she started doing small jobs to earn money so that she could buy little things her parents could not afford. After completing college, Susie also thought she was excessively creative to be limited and tied down to sit in the cubicle for a typical 9 to 5 job.

Her Typical day in terms of schedule?

Her day starts with dropping her kids to grandma’s house (who is also the nanny). Her professional day starts at nine or ten am when she checks in with her assistant (online business manager). Mondays and Tuesdays are usually reserved for meetings with clients.

Does she feel like you are fulfilling your life purpose?

Susie says she loves what she does. Her best days are speaking to clients, doing live calls and connecting with people. Susie says there are days when she does not connect with people and that is when she feels like she is not as much on purpose as she should be. She believes helping people, reaching them through webinars and calls is what she is meant to do and it is not just about the money.

What is your biggest challenge?

For Susie, the biggest challenge is to surround herself with high achievers. She likes spending time with people who are living their life with purpose. Susie believes your thoughts and actions are very much based on whom you spend your time with.

“You can create anything out of thin air if you have the idea and work ethic” -Susie Romans

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