You are awesome – and you know it…but somewhere along the way you’ve found yourself feeling stuck and in a rut. If only you could stop self-sabotaging and get out of your own way — you could really show up to life the way that you know that you want. You have a big heart and you want the best for others, but sometimes you have trouble taking care of yourself.

You know you are meant for more, yet you aren’t sure how to get “there.”

Over the past 8 years, I have coached hundreds of women. We have touched on many topics and answered many questions about creating healthy habits, becoming more self-confident, being happy in relationships and ultimately finding and living your life purpose. WE have this common misconception that achieving more leads to happiness, yet that mentality can leave us working harder and not smarter – and can leave us feeling unhappy, hopeless and defeated.

I have come to understand how we can feel so alone with our challenges and our fears, and that there is so much power in sharing, listening, being vulnerable and courageous with one another — that when we can fully express ourselves and are given space to hear ourselves — we transform in that moment.

The Master Your Life group mentoring program is for a select group of women who are ready to be the best version of YOU.

This group gives you the structure, support and expert guidance to be yourself and become the woman you want to be.

As your coach, my job is to help you see blind spots that you can’t see on your own, improve your thinking and hold you accountable to achieve the results you truly desire. If you are ready to stop worrying about your future and start creating your life now…let’s go!

Topics Include:

  • Create Healthy Habits
  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Find Career Fulfillment
  • Continue to Evolve & Reach Your Potential
  • Gain Clarity in a Complex World
  • Build Confidence & Self-Image
  • Find Solutions to Challenges
The Mentoring Includes:
  • Group Coaching Calls (3 calls a month)
  • Mindfulness Teachings & The Psychology of Success Principles
  • Worksheets & Strategic Action Plans
  • Private FB Community Where You Will Have Access to Myself and Others for Support
  • Additional Resources and Recommendations

Time and Dates: Monday’s @ 7PM

Payment Plan: $250/Month (3 Month Minimum) 

**Limited spots availableblankblank

I invite YOU to join me on this incredible and loving journey to being empowered and living your best life!
Here’s what clients are saying: 

“Anna is amazing and was instrumental in helping me realize that I had the power to accomplish my goals all along. Within 3 weeks of working with her, I got a job offer and 30K higher paying job! With her guidance, I was able to identify the underlying source of my unhappiness, shift my mentality and start living a confident, healthy, happy life in just a few weeks. I am forever grateful!”

– Bernice, New York, NY

“Anna’s ability to assist with one’s interpersonal journey sets her apart from other life coaches! As a participant in her course, I gained new tools, skills, and resources to facilitate my soul searching process and learned to develop “my courage” so that I could take myself outside my comfort zone and forge my own path in life! This is very empowering for a recent college graduate who is trying to “figure it all out” and her next life’s step! At the time, I was contemplating going to grad school or entering the world of work, and Anna’s course help me to gain more clarity with finding my inner voice beneath the layers of “what I should be doing” and “expectations” versus “what felt right” and “mattered to me.” Anna is gifted in her abilities as a coach, a critical thinker, a listener and a guide. I appreciated my time with her, and I look forward to another encounter shortly.”

– Rashida, New York, NY

“Anna’s work is very powerful. She takes it the extra mile. I had amazing results with her and still benefit from her work. I am so very grateful I have met her. With Anna, I have gained: HUGE amounts of confidence, access to my true power, a much-needed state of clarity, compassion for myself and much more! Also, kindness and Buddhist philosophies irrigate her teachings. I love her integrity and the generous energy she brings into each session. I am truly happy I took the decision to work with Anna. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

– Lisa, New York, NY

“Working with Anna has empowered me to completely change my life. Anna is a fantastic person and an excellent coach. When I started working with her, I was living my life in fear, and I was full of limiting beliefs. With her coaching and direct approach, my perspective completely shifted. Before working with Anna I believed that I had very limited options for my future, I could not even begin to imagine all of the possibilities. Now I have started my own business that I am SO passionate about, and I am living a life that I truly love. I can’t recommend Anna enough. She will rock your world.” 

– Natalie, Chicago, IL