Dear Powerful Creator,

You arrived here for a reason and I don’t take it for granted.

Creating a life on your terms is BOLD move and I acknowledge you for taking the first step!

I know what it’s like to doubt yourself, to wonder about the ‘what ifs’, and to frankly feel stuck knowing that there’s so much more for you, but not knowing how to go get ‘it’.blank

My goal and commitment to you is to empower you to move beyond what you might be feeling now so you can confidently move forward in your life.

But, the very first step to creating what you want is to get clear on what you want.

This can sometimes be easier said than done, which is why I want to walk you through an important exercise.


Writing out a vision is one of the most powerful brain tools.

Visualization is a proven process that top athletes, entrepreneurs, and leaders use to help them achieve their goals.  

Studies show that visualizing success impacts many cognitive processes in the brain: motor control, attention, perception, planning, and memory.

By creating strong mental images it primes you to take action.

Speaking of taking action…


This Clarity Map exercise works…

Even if you feel confused.
Even if you feel like you don’t know what you want.
Even if you don’t know your strengths and weaknesses.
Even if you feel afraid.

Negative thoughts can be so distracting that it can be hard to hear what your heart really desires…

I believe you have the answers within you but somewhere along the way you stopped believing in yourself or that your dreams are possible.

My goal is to guide you to what you really want — and go after it already!

And the clarity map exercise is all about reconnecting with your desires.

So let’s take a moment to imagine…

If you knew you couldn’t fail…
If you didn’t worry about what other people think…
If you put all your fear to the side…
If anything was possible…

What do you really want?

Take a few minutes to Complete The Clarity Map Exercise.

Make sure you click save in the .pdf document and e-mail it back to me.

I’m honored and SO excited to be on the journey with you, First Name, and look forward to seeing what you uncover! 🙂

Your Coach,


P.S. If you’re having trouble figuring out what you want, click here for a complimentary clarity coaching session.