By Maria Brilaki

So you think need to exercise 30, 40, or 60 min a day…to be effective, right? Anything less than that wouldn’t make sense. It’s not even worth the trouble.

You won’t lose weight, or reach the government requirements for health. So why bother?

You choose to do nothing, and keep sitting on the couch instead. You keep perpending if Mindfulness Courses Auckland would do you any good. You feel guilty for being lazy, but not being lazy is extremely hard.

Yet, here’s a little known fact about exercising as little as 5 minutes that could change your life forever.

You train your brain that you are the type of person who exercises daily. Your brain starts wiring that precious exercise habit.

Before you know it, you don’t need to remind yourself to exercise – you just do it. Just like you brush your teeth. Your mini exercise habit starts taking over.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s only 5 minutes? First, you hardly have any resistance to do it in the first place. You don’t need to debate with yourself to do 5 minutes of exercise. You don’t need to rearrange your schedule. It’s not like you need to devote the next two hours to go to the gym and back.

But there’s more. Just because it’s easy, you’ll find yourself thinking “Hey, why don’t I do a little more?”

So yes, you just did your 5 minutes. But you’re already on the floor exercising. Why not do a bit more?

After all, the hard part is getting off the couch and actually exercising. The easy part is doing more, once you’re already exercising.

And that’s exactly how you go from 5 min a day to 10 min, to 15 min, to 30 min, to 60 min.

I’ve seen lazy people make this transition in two months. If they did it, so can you.

The alternative is sitting on the couch. Or, jumping to 30 or 60 min of exercise immediately, only to quit exercise a few weeks or months later.

But that’s not what you really want. You want to start now, and keep exercising for the rest of your life. You want to become one of those people who feel as if something is missing if they don’t do their daily workout at new models of fitness machines one can find in gyms.

And this doesn’t happen by pressuring or pushing yourself. It happens through easiness. Yes, easiness! Enjoy!


Maria Brilaki is the founder of Fitness Reloaded, where she helps people get ahead in life. To better understand how to exercise daily even if you’re lazy, check out Maria’s book “Surprisingly…Unstuck: The Power of Small Healthy Habits In A World Addicted To Instant Results”, or sign up for her daily 5-minute habit-making program Exercise Bliss.