Practicing Mindfulness During the Holiday’s

The key to positive transformation lies in awareness of our own feelings. We have to be curious and willing to know what exactly is going in our hearts. We have to be more open at our heart. How often it is that we disagree with somebody’s opinion and close up our hearts, draw our opinions about that person without giving a second thought. This only results in disconnection, however, all humans, at the core of their heart, want love and connection.   Profit with Purpose Podcast

This podcast is about feeling our feelings and learning to respond instead of react. It can be challenging when we find ourselves in situations where we see things differently than others. What we need to think about is where are these negative feelings coming from? It seems like the feelings are coming from the outside but the reality is, all these thoughts and feelings come from the inside.

These feelings are a complete reflection of what and how we think in a certain situation. Every time we are carried away with negative emotion, we can investigate what we are thinking which makes us feel in a certain way. We are all imperfect, we cannot be happy all the time; we cannot be perfect all the time. Negativity gets in the way but what is important is to stick with your feelings, be there, and know the reason for a particular feeling in a particular situation that is something very important. If we stick with our feelings and whenever we disagree with someone, find ourselves in uncomfortable situations, we should stick to our feelings, befriend our feelings because if we can befriend our feelings we can change them into something good for ourselves and bring about positive transformation.

Love and gratitude.