Satya is a philanthropist, yoga teacher and Reiki healer, who after 30 days of intensive yoga training had a dream of making jewelry that was both meaningful and gave back to children around the world. Fifteen years ago, she created Satya Jewelry  which creates handcrafted, beautiful and meaningful jewelry, which more importantly has a special meaning in mind — thus starting the movement of incorporating wellness info fashion, which is mainstream today. It is the go-to jewelry brand for celebrities such as Courtney Cox, along with wellness leaders such as Gabby Bernstein, Elena Brower and more). Giving back is an important aspect of Satya’s brand and she donates a percentage of all sales are donated to the Satya Foundation; my 501 (c) organization that has raised over $1 million for children’s charities throughout the world. They have also done many collaborations for giving back, including Christy Turlington Burn’s Every Mother Counts, Next For Autism, and a new line with Yoga Girl’s Rachel Brathen

blankHow did she get in Yoga?

Satya has been practicing Yoga for over 30 years now. Her Zen Buddhist father introduced her to yoga, and she fell in love with it.

How did she start her business?

According to Satya, It’s never too late to find your dream. She left a well-paying job after six months to pursue her purpose. She became a Reiki Master, and she had a rough time charging for her services. She decided to have a teacher’s training in the Bahamas, and that’s where she found the inspiration to start her business.

Did you ever feel like a failure for starting your business at 40?

Absolutely! She have had so many careers, but the most important thing is she finally she found something she loves.

What steps did you take into entrepreneurship?

Satya did not have a business plan. All she had was passion.

How important is it to have pure intentions? 

150%. Satya teaches beautiful mala workshops. They involve setting your plans and how to weave and create a beautiful spiritual necklace of your own with infusing an intention of yours and always bring into the meditation.

Do you think owning and starting this business has taught you about yourself?

Satya has learned a lot about herself through her business, and it has helped her pinpoint areas that need a change in her life.

What does your foundation do?

The foundation is involved working with non-profit organizations. The first projects involved teaching kids yoga and more. This year she has worked on a few projects which include an elephant sanctuary and a foundation that helps people with autism. She has worked with Christy Turlington. She has a foundation that allows mothers and children’s all-around prenatal care and birthing all around the globe.

Being a trained social worker, did Satya ever think this is what social work looks like?

No! We are accustomed to putting everything in a small box. Satya did not have an idea that she would turn out to be this great.

From a strategic perspective in your business, what do you think has worked best?

Being open and flexible, being able to work the challenges. As a social worker, you’re trained to navigate problems. 

Did you know you were entrepreneurial?

It runs in my genes. My parents and siblings are entrepreneurs, and so were my grandparents.

What’s your favorite jewelry?

My favorite is, of course, the mala. They’re prayer beads. I love them because they when they’re weighted of course we use genuine stones. So the weight of them keeps me grounded throughout the day.

What’s a truth that you want to spread right now?

The truth of loving-kindness.

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

Do not go out and get involved again with another person. Fall back in love with God and yourself first.

How can you tell that you are loving yourself?

I’m a little a lot more compassionate towards who I am.

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