Sep 26
September 26, 2017

What Successful Entrepreneurs Do


I’ve noticed a trend similar in the most successful entrepreneurs.

Howard Schultz the creator of Starbucksblank

Sara Blakely the creator of Spanx

Mark Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook

None of them had a prior experience in the field the became successful in.

None of them had a business background or degree.

If you’ve been held back by this idea that you “need more experience” to do what you want, I want to tell you that a total myth.

You see in this culture, we have been taught that you need experience in order to get a job or do what you want. And because of that people spend a lot of time and money going to school or putting off what you want to do.

What all these successful entrepreneurs had is a relentless passion and a willingness to figure it out. They had mentors and surrounded themselves with people that could guide them.

I’m not saying experience isn’t valuable but what I’m saying is can you learn to act without having it all together because the most successful people don’t have it all figured out either. Each one of us is paving our way.

Let go of the rules.

What you don’t know can be your biggest advantage because there is an opportunity to do things differently.

If you knew you didn’t need more experience to do what you want, what would you do?