Dec 20
December 20, 2016

I’m okay but…

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I’ll preface this story with news that I am totally fine and super grateful. 

Two weeks ago, I found a lump in my breast and saw a doctor the very next day. “Dr. K” speculated that it was fibroadenoma and benign. I was immediately relieved. Dr. K wanted to be certain so he sent me to get a sonogram (since I have been nursing within the last 6 months they do a sonogram instead of a mammogram). 

As I was getting the numbing shot and biopsy at the local breast center, I invited one of the nurse practitioners to distract me with a story. Since I am always curious about how people got on their career path, I asked her, “How did you get into this profession?”

She explained she had earned several different medical education degrees and finally found a program that caught her attention. In reality, she said, doing sonograms found herShe’s been at the breast center for six years and loves it! 

I said to her, “You love this? I couldn’t imagine doing her job  scanning lumps in women’s breasts!

She replied, “Yes!” 

So I asked, “What do you love about it?

She paused and said, “I feel like I am saving lives.” 

I said, “You’ve connected your work to a meaningful purpose?”

She said, “Yes, I believe I have a strong purpose!

I walked out of the breast center confirming one of my strongest life principles: when you connect what you do to a purpose, something greater than yourself, it becomes infused with love! 

I got the results on Monday — and thankfully, they came back benign

I share this story with you because there definitely were moments when many different and frightening scenarios crossed my mind.

Have I been fully living?

Am I spending my time how I want to?

In many ways, like that nurse I, too, love what I do because I feel connected to a purpose greater than myself.

Do you feel connected to your purpose?

  • Whitney Ryan

    Wow. Thanks for sharing this story, Anna. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose the meaning of it all. Such a perspective-shifter when we have moments that bring it all back into focus!

    Our beloved buddy Susie always says that the fact that she’s going to die someday influences how she chooses to live. I find that such an inspiring mindset that totally ties into your experience, too.