Mar 14
March 14, 2014

I walked on Fire!


Even though I’ve been back in New York for a week, the lessons and tools I learned at the 4 day Tony Robbins event are still pumping through my veins. While I have heard about Tony, watched videos and listened to him, I have never experienced being in his LIVE presence.

He truly is an expert in human behavior and a master at teaching you how to shift your state to get into a peak performance state. It literally was a total immersion in how to get breakthrough results.

We learned about what stops us from moving forward, why we do what we do and what controls the quality of our lives. One of the biggest things that blocks us is FEAR. And if you can become a master at dancing with your fear – meaning acknowledging it and working with it to get where you want to go, you can become a master of your life.

To demonstrate our ability to work with fear, Tony invited us to walk on fire! Essentially we were challenged to walk on hot coals (over 2,000 degrees). He spent some time preparing us with visualization techniques, mantras, and neuro-associative conditioning. With this preparation, I got into a peak performance state (it brought back great memories for me from my tennis playing days).

It was time! I stepped up to the firewalk. I was feeling afraid but very focused on getting to the other side. I had become certain I could do it!

I was so focused walking across the fire and repeated the mantra ,”Cool moss, cool moss” and then I had a moment that said, “Oh sh*t, it’s hot!” and then it was over! I did it! I walked on fire!!!! We celebrated!!!  Since Tony works with the highest performers in the world, he let us know that Usher was there and did it too. I only got to see the back of his head 😉

firewalk, tony robbins

You see, most of the time we do things because of the state we are in. Think about it. When you are happy, are you nicer to others? And on the flip side, when you are unhappy, are you unkind to others?

When you have been in a positive state in the past, what were you doing? What were you feeling in your body? What were you thinking?

Our state affects our decisions and our decisions create our destiny.

Since emotions control and determine the quality of our lives, if you learn these three forces you can interrupt patterns of habits and master your life!

Here are Tony’s Three Forces To Help You Master Your State

Force #1: A pattern of Physiology – How you use your physical body such as breath, posture, & movement

Force #2: A pattern of Focus – Whatever you focus on, you will feel.

Force #3: A pattern of Language/Meaning- As soon as we put words to an experience, it changes the meaning we experience.

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