Alisa Vitti is a functional nutritionist and women’s hormone expert. When it comes to hormonal biochemistry, functional nutrition, endocrinology, epigenetics, and neuropsychology, she is an avid researcher. She spent the past 15 years studying, personally applying, and teaching how to stop hormonal chaos and get into hormonal flow. 15 years ago, she weighed 200 lbs. Her face, chest and back were covered in painful — and very unpretty — cystic acne. She only had my period twice a year. She was exhausted, depressed, and she had constant brain fog. She didn’t know what was alisa vittiwrong with me, but there was no mistaking this for normal. Finally, after 6 years of seeing doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, while doing my own research on my mysterious symptoms, she discovered a condition that sounded exactly like what I was experiencing — polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Her hormonal breakdown led me to living in the FLO. One of her most significant discoveries was that you and your body have cyclical needs. They shift as your hormones shift in your regular cycle. And they shift as you move from your teens to your twenties to your thirties and forties and beyond.

[02:15] Hormonal health and what does that mean to you?

[03:35] How historical amounts, unprecedented amounts of content that are dedicated to menstruation and women’s hormonal awareness

[06:37] Why women are being left out of medical fitness and nutrition research women in their reproductive years

[09:03] The way all of this research is being done on men and postmenopausal women, but being marketed to women

[13:23] Understand that we are very distinct based on our biological rhythms.

[15:45] Its all about eating the right way, exercising the right times, organizing your workflow in a way that works for your brain changes

[16:28] Success morning routines are really power morning routines

[18:13] Rhythm is left out of the conversation out of our cultural narrative, out of corporate culture

[19:12] Be in tuned with yourself so that if you find yourself out of the flow, you’ll know why

[37:09] Benefits of incorporating both the circadian and in Freudian rhythm.

[38:58] Tips to rediscover aspects of creativity

[41:24]. Cultural narrative point of view is that there’s this passed down understanding of this is how your body works.

[45:29] Methods to recover from menstrual disturbances naturally and safely and effectively and quickly with the right protocol. However, to find out details you can visit this site and get the best health products for you.


“Men have hormonal patterns. They have mood swings that happen within a 24-hour cycle. They have much shorter and more extreme mood swings, but because the society has normalized around their biological credit, they are not self-critical about it. They are completely self-aware of it and they just do what works for them when it works for them.”

“A lot of women don’t know where they are. They just know when they’re bleeding or if you’re trying to conceive, you certainly are paying attention to oblation, but we don’t know about the rest of them.”

“Once you have the right information, you do not have to be afraid of your body, which is how you have been made to feel. And there’s no better example of that then when it comes to pregnancy and birth control and instead, what I want you to do is feel extremely empowered.”