In this episode, Kelly describes how it is to overcome struggles and improve oneself in career and personal life.

[02:15] Kelly’s first job was on wall street and investment banking

[03:35] How to use your experience from being in the fashion world now in the coaching world and in your business

blank[06:37] The way challenges can help you with your resiliency and your discipline

[09:03] Confidence, in essence, is being more focused on what you can do versus what you can’t do

[13:23] The key is taking that step, eat, like feeling uncomfortable. In the feeling comfortable in the uncomfortable

[15:45] Know that there’s always going to be a leap that you take to that you question yourself

[16:28] That’s how people relate, when you’re vulnerable and you mess things up and not saying mess things up purposely

[18:13] Health is so important, we need to pay attention to auto-immune kind of things going on

[19:12] At the end, you’re done when you’re on your death bed

[37:09] How slowing down helped Kelly become more grateful

[38:58] There’s a lot of like this chasing energy, being grateful for what you have versus when things hit the fan.

[41:24] Ask yourself what are really my priorities right now?

[42:29] Having respect for like the growth process


“We’re chasing this moment and it comes for a moment, but then there’s another moment after that and it fades. So then you’re left with what is, so the more that you can condition yourself to inhabit good feelings, then the more you’re going to feel good.”

“Like we want the external validation or we want to, we want to feel accomplishment or we want to feel perfect or like all of that.”

“Nothing’s an overnight success and it’s just doing the action day in and day out. And it’s not always going to feel sexy. It’s not always going to feel glamorous, but you will feel in flow.”