Happy 4th!

I hope you’re enjoying this holiday that celebrates freedom.

I believe we all have the desire to feel free.

Freedom is a core desired emotion for most of us, yet we are totally confused how to feel free.

We often think that we need to have the “right” amount of things to feel free and happy: the “right” amount of money, relationship, body, status, etc., and while these things can help, they aren’t the answer to our freedom.

You and I both know people:

That have plenty of money, but don’t feel free.

That are in a relationship, but don’t feel free.

That have achieved a certain status, but don’t feel free.

That have an amazing body, but don’t feel free.

This is a very common pattern in most of us. We try to seek freedom in things, rather than from within.

So what is freedom really about?

It’s actually about the choices we make.

Freedom is about choosing the right attitude and our relationship with our habits.

In the book, Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom, written by William Glasser, it breaks down the seven caring habits and the seven deadly habits.

Seven Caring Habits Seven Deadly Habits
1. Supporting 1. Criticizing
2. Encouraging 2. Blaming
3. Listening 3 Complaining
4 Accepting 4 Nagging
5 Trusting 5 Threatening
6. Respecting 6. Punishing
7. Negotiating differences 7. Bribing, rewarding to control

Choice Theory states that we always have some capacity to make choices and exercise control in our lives.

If we really want to feel free, we must implement the 7 Caring Habits into our lives.

You can start by focusing on the caring habits and asking yourself questions:

How can you be more supportive of yourself and others?

What can you do to be more encouraging?