I scream, you scream, we all scream for…yogurt?!

You can’t wait for this.

It’s like indulging in your favorite ice cream, only without criticizing yourself or feeling guilty for devouring something sweet and tasty.

This guilt-free healthy snack is packed with calcium and protein which help you eat less and feel full longer.

Siggi’s homemade, extra thick and smooth yogurt has NO fat and NO artificial sugar.

Siggi takes fresh cows’ milk, skims the fat, and strains the milk of excess water.

The process requires three times more milk than a regular cup of yogurt, but it’s worth it to give the yogurt a rich and creamy taste, like a decadent dessert.

Siggi would never use anything artificial.

Siggi’s yogurt is sweetened with Agave syrup, a low-gylcemic sweetener that comes from the core of the Mexican plant by the same name.

There’s a variety of naturally sweet flavors: blueberry, pear and mint, orange and ginger, pomegranate and passion fruit.

If you’re craving the rich texture of ice cream, scream for Siggi’s yogurt.
It’s nutritious and delicious.

Siggi’s yogurt can be found at Whole Foods, Dean and Deluca, Intergral Yoga or your local specialty health store.