Abel Costa is on a mission to uplift global consciousness one person at a time. Abel holds a BS in Cognitive Science from the State University of New York at Empire College. He is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of New York and is registered as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

As an expert in the healing arts, he studied Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Body Mind Centering and Theta Healing to name a few. His 20-year meditation practice has led him to study all forms of meditation from Non-Duality and mentored in neuroscience with Zoran Jasapovic to Vedic Meditation with Thom Knowles.

As a therapist with 17-years experience, Abel understands how to support the working professional providing the tools to integrate their lives and to facilitate change at an optimum pace in an evolving world.


Abel was born in the Philippines and spent his childhood with his mom and step-father who was in the military. Abel moved around a lot from one place to another.

What was your childhood like?

For many years only his close friends had an idea of his uproots. Abel sees his close friends as family. He is comfortable in sharing his feelings, beliefs, and likes/dislikes with them. Abel developed his interest in music, theatre, and dance as a way of channeling some of the pain, using movement and music as a way to focus. One of the things Abel got into when he became a therapist is called biodynamic craniosacral therapy. Abel deals with feelings and emotions that cannot be put into words. Most of these feelings and emotions are held in our body, in our psyche that we are not aware of. However, it influences our everyday life, our perceptions, and our decision-making process. Abel believes his childhood was influenced by such feelings and emotions which could not be put into words. He lived in a family that didn’t talk much. There was never any talk about Abel’s real father.

How did you get on a path to healing?

Abel believes it chose him. It was a slow gradual process. When he was young, he was obsessed with dancing and playing the piano. He was just 18 when he got into a ballet company where he was trained rigorously. When he got to New York City by the time he was 19, he heard about a person called Bonnie Cohen who is the founder of Body-Mind Centering school. Abel took a lot of yoga classes in New York and the best teachers he had studied with this woman. His best dance teachers studied with this woman. Bonnie Cohen teaches people to be embodied in their body on a cellular level. Through this woman’s work and through Body-Mind Centering school, he got on a path to healing.

Can you talk a little about mirror neurons?

Mirror neurons were discovered in the 80’s. Researchers conducted studies involving monkeys who were made to imitate humans washing dishes. The end result was that the dishes washed by humans were clean but those by monkeys were not clean although the monkeys were made to copy each step of humans. This is because monkeys were able to replicate the actions performed by humans but could not interpret the underlying intention of washing a dish. Mirror neurons help human beings learn through actions of other human beings and also help them learn the underlying intention of every action.

Has dance been a part of your meditation?

Abel believes it was an integral part of his meditation. He believes dance allowed him to be in his body. For Abel, being in this world was a painful experience as a child. Dance allowed him to feel his body in a three-dimensional space. Abel credits this to his teacher who went an extra mile for all of her students in her teachings. Eventually, Abel was drawn to Body-Mind Center school led by Bonnie Cohen. Abel thinks that was the foundation of the healing process for him. He was able to learn about different healing modalities through this school. He spent a whole decade learning and exploring different healing modalities. It was not just bodywork, it was everything including theta healing, learning to access his own intuition and do readings like a psyche person.

What is Feldenkrais method of meditation?

Feldenkrais method of meditation aims to improve human functioning by increasing self-awareness through an individual’s body movement. However, the movement is very minute and slow. You look at the whole body skeleton and structure.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Some time in past Abel moved to New York where he started a project with a co-founder. It is called the inner-peace project. Abel was having issues moving back to New York after being away from the city. New York is now a hub for meditation schools and coaches. You can come across numerous coaches who are just into their practice and already claiming to be best at their work. And then there was Abel, who had been in this business for almost two decades but felt uneasy starting his work in New York. Her advice to Able was to “just do you” which actually meant that Abel should just focus on his own work and put in practice his vast experience to help him through his work.

How can we connect with you?

You can connect with Abel through his website. His website’s URL is