blankJeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon recently became the richest man in the world. He had a regular job in finance when he first heard about the thing called ‘The Internet’. He had this idea to come up with a web portal where people could buy books over the Internet.

When he gave up his job, his boss was not very supportive of the idea and insisted him to keep his job. Jeff had other plans, he eventually made a decision, quit his job, started his own company. Jeff regularly talks about how it is up to us to either live life of adventure or of ease. Life is all about making choices and taking risks.

Sometimes, the biggest risk is not to take any risk.

Imagine if Jeff Bezos never took that risk; he would never have been able to live a life that he has now. Moreover, it would have been impossible for him to have this huge impact on lives of so many people who use Amazon day in day out.

We are all born with gifts but what we choose to do with it makes the difference.
Leaving you with the following question:

What would you do if you chose to utilize your gifts?