Agnes Kowalski was born into deep poverty consciousness and struggled to feel like she deserved a deep amount of love, money, recognition and even respect —which why she spent her life chasing.

Agnes went on a path of absolute persistence to heal this through every possible healing modality, becoming a self-help junkie along the way and eventually becoming a psychotherapist too. But she still wasn’t “cured”.

She could never seem to break through these limits she had around how much love and money she was able to attract, keep or hold on to. Then she found mindset.

Agnes immersed herself and became a student of mindset work and subconscious programming, which is when things actually started to shift her reality in a consistent way, it was the missing piece to actualizing the life she wanted: more money, dream clients, healing in all of my relationships, miracles and opportunities that she fantasized about. And she created it all with mindset. Now Agnes is a mindset and manifestation mentor and she wants to show YOU how to get more money, love, & attraction.

blankCan you talk about how you work in removing and overcoming natural survival mechanism to pursue an endeavor?

There are not a lot of examples of people living creatively who have an extreme amount of resources and money at their disposal. First, we need to normalize it for our brain and find people who are living their lives creatively yet they are able to earn profits from what they do.

How do you help people who have a job and they want to transition to doing their own business or into some new field but cannot afford to absorb a financial hit?

Agnes has had a lot of clients who transitioned from the corporate world to healing arts, online business or creative pursuits such as writing, producing films etc. Agnes thinks the best way for success is to take small steps gradually towards your success. You need to break down the limiting beliefs. If you believe you cannot make money in a certain field, try to break it down to its reasons as to why you have that belief in first place. A lot of things we hold onto are just sub-conscious thoughts, far-fetched from reality.

 What advice would you have for someone who wants to pursue their desire to have their own business?

Agnes thinks she was able to come up with a product very quickly in her business. She was happy with the content but was not satisfied with the quality. Her mindset at that time was just to get rid of the anxiety of doing it and fix the product later. Agnes thinks a wealth-conscious way of thinking is to work on the brand you are trying to create rather than a small MVP just to get you in the game. You need to have a long-term vision where you are not looking for a quick escape hatch out of your current life. This would be her advice to her former self.

How can we get a better insight into our subconscious mind?

Agnes thinks it is a little tricky to understand our subconscious mind. She finds it fascinating though and loves to explore it. She was a psychotherapist in private practice and she did not earn a lot of money through it. She was helping people in her practice, her clients were happy and new clients would come in, but still Agnes was not able to earn money. This was mainly because Agnes had blocks around figuring out why she could not make a great deal of money from what she loved doing. She even did a lot of advertisement for her business to increase her revenue but all in vain. She then started to investigate money, mindset and subconscious programming. Agnes had this limiting belief that stemmed from the fact that she grew up in poverty. Her parents were children of the war. Back when her parents were born, everything was about scarcity.

What were your parents doing for work?

Agnes’ dad was an engineer, her mother tried to have her own business. She was a botanist but did not have a career in it. She ended up working in a factory, helped them make a few of their recipes. That company is now a million-dollar muffin company. She tried to start her own company as well but failed. Agnes believes all of this was present in her sub-consciousness, her father not able to reach his full potential, her mother failing in her business. To know more about your subconscious mind requires a lot of investigation which takes time. This is exactly the kind of homework that a lot of people do not like to do.

How did you transition into making more money?

This transformation happened over a 5-year period where she was specifically focused on finding new ways to earn money online. Initially, it was gradual but towards the later years, her profits grew substantially. The only investment that Agnes really made was in mindset coaching. She knew it was only a mindset issue for her and to be successful in her venture, she needed to have better thoughts in her head. She also read a lot of books during this period. It was an identity shift and she needed people to see her in a different way.

What is the opposite of a victim mindset?

In terms of the archetypes, the opposite of the victim is actually the mother. It actually means you just have to take good care of yourself, just a like mother would do for her children. Often times, we see women mothering their partners because they are not mothering themselves. Victim mode is when an individual is affected by everything external.

Where would someone start if they think they do not have enough money or they are afraid that they do not have enough money?

One of the best books that Agnes recommend to people going through this phase is ‘Tapping Into Wealth: How Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Can Help You Clear the Path to Making More Money’ by Margaret Lynch. It talks about the mind-body connection to money. One of the exercises that Agnes use all the time with her clients is to ask them to look at their bank accounts and reflect on how that makes them feel. You need to get honest with yourself if you are really happy with how you spend your time and how you earn money. The first step really is to break out of denial of things happening around you.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

The best advice she has ever been given is to take things off the pedestal. What that means is that whatever it is you want, you should never undermine your own existence and your own happiness.

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