Welcome back to the Profit With Purpose Podcast where today’s topic is going to be about tools that help manage to overcome anxiety. In today’s times, there is so much uncertainty in the world. We are exposed to so much news on Facebook that gives rise to anxiety. Uncertainty is an inevitable part of life and that’s not a bad thing, knowing everything that’s going to happen would bore us.

Varying Degrees Of Anxiety

There are varying degree of anxiety from low level to debilitating and everything in between. Any time you do something new, you will experience anxiety, this can manifest either physically or mentally. Some signs of a physiological response include racing heart and increased pumping blood. This could be a sign of excitement. As the saying goes “On the other side of fear is excitement.’ If you have done anything that scared you and you have overcome your anxiety, you feel a rush of energy. Nowadays, more people are using CBD oil for many reasons, such as to treat anxiety and make your days more bearable, treat insomnia that comes in hand with anxiety patients, depression and much more as physical pain.

Anxiety By Nature Is Future

If you are feeling anxious, you are thinking about something going wrong in the future and you are not present in the moment. A couple of ways to instantly get present is to focus on your breathing. When you are anxious, you feel short of breath and breath in your chest. Your breathing needs to move down from your chest to your belly, to do this, start to focus on your breathing, moving your belly in and out in the manner of small animals and babies. The moment that you become aware you are not present is the moment you become present.

Another way to root yourself in the present is to really feel your toes because your toes are the furthest thing from your brain. You can feel your feet on the ground, wiggle your toes and get connected to the earth. This can help you become embodied and in the present moment.

A Process Of Transforming Anxiety

If you feel anxious right now or remember feeling anxious at any time, see if you can recall where the sensation was in your body. Have you felt tightness in the chest? In your legs, arms or hands? What happens to your posture when you are anxious? Are your thoughts racing? What do you say to yourself when you are anxious?

Become aware of the whole experience when you are in a state of anxiety. Try to describe this sensation as an image. Some people describe these images as ‘knots’ or ‘dark clouds’, what does yours look like? Know that all this exists in your mind and you have the power to change it. Think of a time when you felt confident, think about your posture and breathing at this time and what was on your mind at this time. What does the confident you do? Create a trigger that gets you into an empowered state. The real key to overcoming anxiety is learning to transform your anxiety to excitement in order to become truly empowered. If your anxiety is too much for you and gets out of control you can look into an intensive outpatient treatment center for help.