Aug 13
August 13, 2013

Be Aware of Your Boobies

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You don’t give ’em much attention. You cover them up all day, tuck them in a bra and tend to ignore your boobies.

When you go out at night- sometimes you show a little cleavage and give them a little extra emphasis.

However, most of the time they’re not on your mind and you need this awareness brought to your attention.

Bust ’em out! Feel and check your jugs to make sure there are no lumps.

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts from cells in the breast. Cancer cells can invade other tissues or spread to different parts of the body.

It’s the most common cancer in women, but it can be successfully treated with early detection.

When you think about it- touch yourself.

Put your right arm behind your head. Press firmly -moving your fingers in a circular motion- with your left hand to feel for lumps on your right breast. Switch arm position and check your left breast. Squeeze each nipple to check for discharge.

When you look in the mirror, check for color, size or shape changes and for dimpling or scaling on your skin.

Most breast lumps are not cancerous. All breast lumps, however, need to be evaluated by a doctor. Always check with your doctor if you feel anything suspicious.

While October is ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month,’ it’s best to be on breast alert every month.