blankKathleen is passionate about Conscious Connected Breathwork therapy and knows first-hand the energy, healing, peace, and joy it creates in one’s life.  As a certified and insured Breathwork Coach, she has worked with many masters in the field of Conscious Connected Breathwork therapy. For over 10 years, Kathleen has used her Breath coaching and intuitive skills to support individuals in clearly identifying their areas in need of growth, healing and focused goal creation.  

When did the idea of breathwork entered in your life?

She thinks breath had been calling her for a very long time because for the majority of her life Kathleen was extremely unsatisfied. She was seeking from a long time and she just did not feel good. She always smiled, hung out with friends and family, went to parties but never felt sufficient in her life. She started to take personal development classes, workshops, going to different churches, reading different books but she still felt something was missing in her life. She did not enjoy her job either. She eventually ended up in Maryland at Innver Vision Institute for Spiritual Development (IVISD) with Iyanla Vanzant and that is when she felt her life started to change for better.

You mention you had a great childhood so how and when did you start to feel unhappy and unsatisfied in your life?

Kathleen recalls events from her childhood when she was as young as nine years old. She shares this particular story where she was upstairs at her home along with her sisters. She remembers she wanted to be involved in this particular event, to take action for herself and for her sisters. She heard her mother whimpering from downstairs and begging her father not beat her mother. As a child, it was difficult for Kathleen to process all of it. She knew her mother needed help, but as a child, she could not do much about it. At that point, she felt it was her responsibility to protect her mother and do whatever she could do to keep the peace. She was always vivacious and outgoing but at that point, all she could think of was about her mother, her sisters and herself. Her mother divorced her father and at that point, the thought of being insecure had already taken its place in Kathleen’s mind. She grew up feeling unworthy, and undeserving. Connecting with the breath has connected her with her wholeness.

Do you still speak with your father?

Her father passed away a long time ago but Kathleen made peace with him before he passed away. She did a lot of breathwork to make peace with her father and was willing to forgive him. She wanted a vibrant and a thriving life for herself and felt it was only possible if she had the courage to forgive her father and move on in her life.

Why do you think breath plays an important role to gain confidence and clarity in life?

The breath helps us release cortisol which is basically stress. We as human beings are continuously bombarded by our surroundings; our senses are constantly active by the things that surround us. Most of us are almost always in fight or flight mood and that can result in excess accumulation of adrenaline in one’s body. If your body is flowing continuously with adrenaline, you are going to get adrenaline fatigue. You are likely to suffer from headaches, high blood pressure, unease in the body and overweight. Breathing helps deal with stress causing hormones (cortisol) and also increases the count of endorphins, a group of hormones attributed to happiness and satisfaction.

Can we integrate breathwork with words and convert to stories related to things that arise?

The breath is subtle and has the power to stir the emotions. In her personal and professional opinion, Kathleen believes sometimes our emotions are apparent in breathwork because we are resistant to expressing our emotions otherwise. Breathwork can be integrated with words to make the healing process easier and gaining deeper consciousness and clarity.

How did you build your business around breathwork?

The life of an entrepreneur is not for the faint-hearted people. One needs to be mentally strong to start their business no matter the services they provide. She worked with various coaches while building up her business from scratch. She still works with them on daily basis. She has got a business coach, a life coach, and a breath coach. Kathleen believes we all need support whether we are entrepreneurs or not. She believes she has been able to build up her business due to a lot of breathwork with her breath coach.

Are their different breathwork exercises for different types of healing?

She may ask her client to do a certain breathwork involving a specific area of the body. Lately, she has been doing breathwork around solar plexus. She does breathwork where she asks her client to inhale the color yellow and exhale the color yellow into every single cell of their body. Sometimes, she feels her client is resisting in a session and then asks her client to change the rhythm of their breath.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

She read the following line in a book “Above all else I would like to see things differently.” When she repeats this to herself, it brings her peace and so that is why she thinks it is the best advice she ever came across. She also shares the advice given by her mother who once said to her that “God is always with you” and that also brings her peace.

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