Aug 13
August 13, 2013

Celebrate Your Independence

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In our professional and personal lives, we often lose track of our own liberty and freedom.

We make other people more important than us, try to satisfy others, and do things we don’t want to do.

If you focus on the process of strengthening your personal freedom you will accelerate and attract ways to meet your goals.

It’s time to let go of limiting beliefs, i.e, “I’m not good enough,” you formed in the past, that holds you back today.

The truth is, you are free to make your own choices and decisions. What you choose to think, act and feel, creates your future.

Stop struggling with what you feel like you “should” do and have the courage to follow your heart and go your own way.

You have the power and resources to carry out your own will.

Alicia Silverstone, actress and author of, “The Kind Diet,” says, “I used to equate having self-worth with being selfish, but now I understand that taking care of myself is the most beautiful thing I can do. And, quite frankly, I can’t be a good anything until I’ve taken care of myself first. So this kindness to yourself is paramount.”

Make choices and decisions that allow you to create the freedom you desire in your relationships, career, and family.

You are much more in control of your life than you might realize.

Take care of yourself and create your personal independence.

Free your mind and the rest will follow…