Apr 12
April 12, 2010



I am sure you’ve heard the saying, “The one thing constant is change.”

I know for certain the one thing constant in my life has been change- and right now, I am changing the way I deliver my blog.

From now on, I will post real stories about my life. Real experiences, lessons and insights that I have and I will share them with you. My intention with this new way of writing my blog is to relate to you and help you make positive changes in your life.

Let me start by telling you about some changes I’ve made.

I grew up in Maryland and I moved to New York City in 2003, after I graduated from Penn Sate University. I was 22 years old, I knew a hand full of acquaintances, I never worked a “real job” in my life, I never had a serious boyfriend, and the list could go on about who I was…

In 2009, after living in the city for 6 years, I had moved 7 times and had about 10 different jobs. I struggled and it wasn’t easy for me to find myself or get grounded on the unfamiliar NYC turf.

Life occurred to me as a constant problem and drama. I felt like nothing was working. I realized that no matter what job I had, who I was dating or what apartment I lived in, I was unhappy and I got into the same situations.

So, I had to look within myself for what I was doing that caused things to start and stop so often. If I didn’t like something I would quit, blame something outside of me, or think something was wrong with me. I gave every situation a label and a meaning such as “right” or “wrong” because I was unconsciously trying to protect myself and ran from situations I viewed as harmful.

My life felt so out of control, but when I learned about myself and my thought process, I was able to take control of my life. I was able to steer myself the way I wanted, rather than letting myself be pulled by exterior situations and circumstances.

Now, I’m 29 and in my 7th year of living in New York. This past year has been full of commitments I want. I have settled in an apartment, found my career path as a Life Coach, I have a regular yoga practice and an amazing romantic relationship.

I have a new perspective that exists within me and allows me to see more clearly who I am and how to manage my life.

I could go on about “my story” and lesson’s I’ve learned, but I’ll keep this entry as a step to open myself up to you and keep moving in the direction I want to go.

I hope as I share with you, you will share with me and together we can build a strong community that raises self awareness and inspires change.