Aug 13
August 13, 2013

Crawl Out Of Debt

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You dug yourself into a hole. You didn’t mean to, but it happened pretty easily. Now you’re deep at the bottom of the debt ditch, and you don’t know how to crawl out.

Do a budget. Tell your money what to do. Put cash for food, clothing, and entertainment into individual envelopes and label them- FOOD – CLOTHES – GOING OUT. When money in the envelope is gone, stop spending!  It’s that simple.

Be patient. It takes at least three months to really make your budget work.  And, over-fund the food category the first month — I guarantee you spend more on food than you think you do.

It takes time to balance, but at least you know you’ll be able to get out of the hole and see the light-a bright financial future.

Take out a few envelopes and sort your dough into different spending categories.  Then, you’ll slowly begin to crawl your way out of the debt ditch.

Whoever thought stuffing envelopes could actually be rewarding and beneficial?