Nov 17
November 17, 2016

Doing what works for you…

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“What lights you up the most? Choose that and put your energy towards that.” – JordanaJaffe

We’ve all heard people talking about moving out of your comfort zone. Trying something new. Pushing past your fear.

But does it have to be that way? While growth is certainly connected to doing things you’ve never done before, do you have to push yourself into areas that just don’t feel right?

Just because doing something a certain way has worked for someone else, does that mean it will work for you? 

Certainly not.

My guest, Jordana, has been an entrepreneur for almost 10 years and in that time she has embraced many career paths. She was once a professional organizer, then chose to be a business coach and later dabbled in life coaching. Finally she found her niche by teaching introverts how to create a super engaged Facebook group – now boasting more than 11,300 members!

Click here to learn more about how Jordana uses Facebook groups to help her grow her online business.

Even if you’re an introvert and connecting with others has been really challenging, there are ways you can build a sustainable business that works and honors your true nature.

In this episode we delve into:

  • Jordana’s personal entrepreneurial journey
  • How she manages her Facebook group
  • Whether starting a Facebook group is right for you
  • Why it’s important to follow what works for you

Is a social media platform a viable path for you? Can you lead your charge, spread your message and carry your torch all from the cozy comfort of your couch? 

There is a new way to leverage your talent, launch your brand and build your community – all from the convenience of home or anywhere that feels good and provides dependable Wi-Fi. And it can start with Facebook groups.

Click here to learn from Jordana.

Isn’t it time to do things in a way that works for you?