Patricia Lohan is a coach, a healer, and a Feng Shui expert. Patricia is amazing at magnetic life by continuously clearing the baggage that holds you back. She’s seen first hand the power of your surroundings and how Your inner world (your mindset/history) completely affects your outer world (environment) and vice versa… so when you work on both simultaneously, you’re set to achieve great things! Her aim in life is to bring her knowledge and positive power across the world, showing people they can achieve anything they want with the right mental attitude and tried and tested techniques.

life coach nycWhat does Feng Shui mean?

Feng Shui originates from an ancient tradition that aims at creating homes and workplace that is for good health and harvest. Feng Shui is about creating powerful environments that can help bring about change in life. The environment that we surround ourselves with has a deep impact on our personality and on our performance in life.

Why do you think creating powerful environments is important?

The environment that you live in and surround yourself with can actually be a reason for stopping you achieve success in your life. When Patricia talks about creating a powerful environment, she talks about creating a magnetic environment for what it is you want. Patricia says she has come across many clients in her practice who have been on the path of self-discovery and personal development but they still feel stuck in their lives. She has been able to help them by transforming their environment and aligning it with their personality and needs.

How can we better organize our space and improve our environment?

The first thing is to make sure we have organized our space well. Patricia says general day to day things that you have been using lately but are not put in their right place are not a mess. However, you need to look out for things that you have been holding on to for quite some time but they have no use in your life other than the fact that they are connected to some event or you have an emotional connection with them. Patricia once had a female client who had been divorced for fifteen years but was still holding on to her wedding dress. She approached Patricia because she had long been trying to get in a relationship but all in vain. Patricia asked her to get rid of her wedding dress and within two days, she found herself a date and went out with the guy.

How do you set up an environment at your home that is actually magnetic?

Start with your front door. It is the place from where energy comes in. Try to figure out if your front door looks inviting. Does it have a number to make your door easily distinguishable? Does your door have a welcome mat? Make sure your front door is easy to open as well. Feng Shui has a lot of things about symbolism and struggle. If your front door is a struggle to open, it could mean that you are undergoing some sort of struggle or stress in your life. The next thing to put your attention is on the first thing you see after you open your front door. Does seeing it make you feel happy to be back home? Does your energy rise or fall every time you enter your home?

How do you identify the prosperity area in Feng Shui practice?

There are two different schools of Feng Shui. The one Patricia practice is called the classical flying stars school. They use a compass to find the prosperity area. The southeast part of your apartment, home or your office is your prosperity area. It could be a corner of a room, center of a living room or any other part of your home or office. Once you find that area, make sure to fill in your prosperity area with things that give you joy and fill you up with happiness and positive energy.

Were you always neat and organized?

Patricia thinks she is still not the most organized person especially in comparison with her husband who is extremely organized in all aspects of his life. The biggest shift for her was when she moved into her apartment in Dublin when she decided she would not move out of this apartment until she meets her soulmate and decided to make her bedroom her sanctuary. She thinks it was the best decision she ever made because it started her on this track of really looking after her stuff and also made her love her bedroom so much that whenever she would enter in her bedroom, she would feel happy.

What is one thing that is essential to make a magnetic environment in terms of prosperity and profit? 

In terms of prosperity and profit, first, you need to find your prosperity area and make sure everything is properly organized in that space. Have a look at your kitchen as well as it is also linked to prosperity. Make sure that cooking utensils are clean, organized and well kept.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

The best advice that she has ever been given is to be persistent in life. She got this advice from her father. Patricia started her business on her own and initially, it was just about being perseverant.

What were you doing before you started your business as a coach?

She was in a family business of hospitality for seven years. She left it, moved to India to become a yoga teacher. She learned about Feng Shui in India and that is when she had her spiritual awakening. Patricia describes it as a scary transition of moving to Dublin and starting her new business around coaching and inculcating Feng Shui with it.

What advice would you give to someone seeking spiritual awakening?

Just keep following the whispers. Patricia had no idea why she decided to quit her family business and go to India to become a yoga teacher. However, when she got there she felt like being at home. She followed those whispers and that led the way for her spiritual awakening. Try to tap into your inner intuition and try to believe in your gut feelings.

How can we connect with you?

You can find more information about her work through her website. Her website’s URL is
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