Katie is a life coach and business consultant. She taught herself, and now teaches others how to live in the darkness and plug back into the light. For a long time, she lost her joy, her happiness, and the LIGHT-ness of life. Through her own experience of learning how to GLOW in the dark, she knows that if you have the right tools, and get some solid support to help you along the way, you can live, love and thrive, in any circumstance. Katie is also the co-creator of Inner Glow Circle (IGC), an ICF accredited coach training and personal branding company for women. Their mission is to provide an inclusive educational edge to women who want to start their own coaching business.

blankWhat does profit with purpose mean to you?

Money is the main resource that we tend to talk about, worry about and stress about. There are so many other resources that we can focus on. Katie has come across a new idea called ‘melts model of resources’. The idea is to not look at our resources separately, they all melt together. We hear people complain about being broke and sometimes it’s about money but sometimes money is not the issue. ‘MELTS’ stands for money, energy, love, time and space. When we separate these things out, we may have one of these things in excess but we will not be completely fulfilled in our lives. We may be profitable when it comes to money but we would be naturally in debt when it comes to love or energy or space when we separate these things out. Many of us only focus on the money part whenever trying to achieve profits.

You talk about dealing with depression in your past. What reasons contributed to depression and anxiety in your past?

There was a phase in Katie’s life when she was dealing with chronic illness. She went undiagnosed of Lyme disease for almost ten years. After diagnosis, she underwent rigorous treatment for almost three years. The treatment of this disease is rather complicated and one can easily get into depression due to the medication used for the treatment of this disease. It was also during this time that her brother overdosed and passed away. It was a big struggle for Katie and her family. She also went through a bad breakup. She was caught up in a toxic relationship with her fiancé. There was a lot of trauma and grief in Katie’s life at that moment. Trauma and grief suck the energy out of an individual. She has fully recovered from Lyme and it has been a complete year now. Her brother passed away three years ago, she called it off with her fiancé two and a half years ago. Katie has made peace with her past and moved on in her life.

Tell us about your company?

Katie’s company is called ‘Inner Glow Circle’. It is an all-inclusive mastermind and mentorship experience for women from different walks of life. Her clients are female entrepreneurs, working moms who are seeking excellence in their professional and personal lives. Katie aims to create a life for her clients that glow from the inside out.

How did you transition from owning a tanning salon to becoming a life coach?

Katie’s first business revolved around the tanning business. She had women come over to her salon and start discussing their problems. Some of them would start crying during the appointment. Katie developed an ability to be naturally open to people willing to share their vulnerabilities with her. Women would come to her salon with problems to share and issues to discuss. They would leave with hope and inspiration. Katie started to think about getting herself trained around giving advice to people with vulnerabilities in a professional manner. She started to explore a couple of different programs. Initially, she wanted to go into the nutrition business because she has always been an advocate of healthy eating. She started her masters in nutrition but dropped out of the program. She started to train as a coach after dropping out of her master’s program. She felt she could make a bigger difference in the lives of people around her if she became a coach. She launched her practice while she was still training as a coach.

How did you start your coach training program?

She started this program when she started Inner Glow Circle. She started her spray tanning company in 2012 and by the end of the same year, she had started coaching informally. That is when she developed and started her coach training program. She really went into full practice and established herself in the following years. She was quickly able to turn her investment into profits.

What are some of your favorite self-care practices?

Katie is a big fan of using Epsom salt in her baths. It is good for muscles and detoxing. She also makes sure to do some sort of exercise on daily basis.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

The best advice she has ever been given is from her dad. He once said to her that ‘The best way to fail is to give up.” Katie always tell the women she works with to never give up, stay in the game and keep playing.

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