Leora Edut is the creator of Goddess On The Go, where women connect, move their bodies, and uncover their bombshell beauty in a fun space designed to heal and create lasting fulfillment. Goddess On The Go events have been held internationally in Tulum, Mexico as well as in Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles and Detroit—and is expanding.  She is the author of her recent book Goddess On The Go: Rituals To Help You Slow Down and Slay. Her work has been featured in: Elle Magazine, Lucky Magazine, The LA Times, and several others. She has spoken on stage with Marianne Williamson, been an expert on The Dr. Oz Show, and featured in the NY Post. In this episode, we talk about her journey to publishing her first book, her struggles with unhealthy relationships, doing transformational inner work, how she went from being a makeup artist to a lightworker and so much more.         

blankWhy do you think you had such a strong passion to publish your book?

Leora felt the story she was writing in her book was very important to get out to the public. It was a story of overcoming traumas, overcoming physical and mental abuse, the story of overcoming issues with alcohol. There were so many life experiences Leora wanted to share with other women because she believes a lot of women undergo the same experiences in their lives.

What was one of your darkest moment that you have shared in the book?

Leora talks about her very first relationship in the book when she was only fifteen years old. She found herself in an abusive relationship for almost a year. This person threatened Leora to commit suicide if she would leave him. He used to stalk Leora, insult her verbally and abuse Leora physically.

Why do you think you got into such a toxic relationship?

Leora believes it was mostly because of her traumatic and abusive childhood. She wanted to get away for it as she grew up in an abusive household. Her father was an alcoholic. Her father was taken away by police after Leora lodged a complaint for his actions. Leora recalls child abuse incidents from her childhood when she was as young as four years old. Her father had to be put into anger management sessions afterward and he started doing a lot of transformational work. As a result, her relationship with her father has improved drastically in recent years.

How much of an impact the events from your childhood have had on your personality?

Initially, it was difficult for Leora to process all the events from her childhood. She believes she wasn’t connecting with the pain and so she tried to suppress the pain mainly through drugs and alcohol. She says when she started doing landmarks, it opened the doors for every kind of other transformation she could think of. It has been a long journey for Leora but she has been able to process the traumatic events from her childhood. Laura believes these events helped her to shape herself as someone who could help young girls and women who have been a subject to abuse. It has helped her to relate to the pain of people around her.

Do you believe that you find purpose in pain?

Leora completely believes in it. Although, she does believe that sometimes when we are in pain, we may not be able to find purpose in it. A lot of times we may even think we are victims of our own circumstances but there can always be a purpose to look for in hard times.

Can you describe what a Landmark is?

It is a weekend workshop and it is super intensive. You sit down and you look at every single area of your life. The landmark consists of different exercises. They involve mediations, visualizations and part of it is making peace with parts of your life you are still holding on to. Landmarks teach you a lot about forgiveness.

What are some big insights you have had from Landmark?

The first insight she gained from the landmark was to let go off the shame that her past had nothing to do with her present. The second thing she learnt was to forgive her father for his past actions. Leora felt she had the choice to either stay angry and bitter or move on in her life.

What do you wish you could have told your four-year-old self?

She wishes she could have told her younger-self that she was going to be fine regardless of the circumstances, that she does not need to dim her life for someone else.

What is your favorite ritual?

Leora has two rituals that she really considers her favorite. One is taking a bath by candlelight along with rose petals, music and wine. The other ritual involves workout in which Leora performs yoga and Pilates.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

“You can do the easy things and have a hard life or do the hard things and have an easy life.”

How can we connect with you?

You can find more about her through her website. Her website’s URL is


You can read the first chapter of her book for free from her website.