Aug 13
August 13, 2013

Got That Lonely Feeling?

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You could be at work, the grocery store, or at a social event. You could be hanging out with friends, in a relationship, married, or simply single.  Whether you’re surrounded by people or not, from time to time, you might feel lonely.

With text messaging, IM-ing, e-mails, speed dating and voicemail, it’s easy to lack social contact. So many people are single. Couples break up. Long hours at work happen. And, even if you’re in a relationship, if you’re afraid to share your feelings with your mate, you can feel isolated and lonely.

So, what do you do when you’ve got that lonely feeling?

Loneliness happens when you don’t treat yourself well and enjoy your own company. Build your self-esteem by treating yourself with care and respect, and it will help you feel less withdrawn.

Change negative, irrational thinking into positive, realistic thinking, so that we can prevent depression, loneliness and general misery both inside ourselves and within our relationships.”

To avoid being lonely, try sharing more of your life with others. Be more generous in expressing your feelings, your joys and sadness. Open up to the needs of others. Focus on having a positive relationship with yourself and being your own best company. Think of how we all-in so many ways-are the same.

Your loneliness may be caused by the way you think and act-rather than from an unfair world, cruel people, or circumstances. And, if those annoying insecurities (that we all have) are contributing to feelings of loneliness-taking a look inside yourself will help you feel less alone.

Change your outlook to get that lovin’ feeling.

You’re on your own journey-but you’re not alone.