I wrote a book even though I didn’t think I could…

Growing up, I struggled in English class. I have trouble spelling and I don’t understand the rules of grammar. My papers usually ended up with so many red marks, it looked like a literary butchery.

And, because of my struggle in school with writing, I have held the belief, “I’m not a good writer.”

To be honest… writing has never been something that’s “easy” for me.

But do I let that stop me? Nope!

Despite my “limiting belief,” I actually love to write. I love journaling and communicating through writing. I find that I am the most free when I can use my words to convey what I’m thinking or feeling.

I hire people to help me with editing to make sure there are no grammatical errors (good thing there is spell-check!).

I do whatever I can so that I can allow my passion for expressing myself and getting a message into the world to help me overcome my obstacles.

Here’s the REAL truth…

You can have a limiting belief and STILL take powerful action!

There is so much information in the personal development industry that says you need to change your beliefs but you don’t need to…

You just need to take action even when you have a “negative” belief…because ultimately that’s how you build your confidence.

Confident people identify with their ability to take action, despite their doubt and fear. And they don’t allow their doubt or fear to stop them – even if it feels uncomfortable.

I go deeper into this in my book here.

See, when I got my publishing contract, I was fearful I couldn’t do it. I didn’t create an outline before I wrote the book. I created so many drafts that I had doubts that I actually was able to create a clear and cohesive book (that anyone would want to read).

But, despite what my limiting beliefs kept telling me… I kept taking action anyways.

So, I hired a writing coach. I created many more drafts.

I wrote the book and then I created chapters. It’s backward from how most people do it, but it got the job done!

I share this with you because most people believe you have to believe in yourself before you take action.

But, many times the opposite is true…

Sometimes you have to take action even when you don’t believe in yourself.

And that , is what confidence is all about.

So, this week… don’t let the voice in your head stop you.

You can have doubt… and still take action.
You can have negative thoughts or limiting beliefs… and still take action.
You can be afraid… and still take action.

Action builds confidence!

I dive more deeply into this in my new book, Be Bold: A Guide to Unbreakable Confidence.

In it, you’ll learn how to work with the emotions that hold you back and become an action taker despite whatever fear or doubt you’re feeling!

Let me ask you…

What is something you’ve been telling yourself that you can’t do?

Maybe it’s writing a book…?

Perhaps it’s starting a business…?

Or could it be connecting deeply in relationships…?

Public speaking… sharing your ideas… or even starting a new instagram handle?

Whatever “it” is, let’s commit to taking a BOLD action and seeing what unfolds.


I’m cheering you on!