Scott Nelson is a MedTech enthusiast, ambitious doer, and curious by nature. Scott co-founded Joov, the first professional-grade, full-body red light therapy device designed for convenient, in-home use.

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Endorsed by doctors, athletes, health professionals and many more, Joov, light therapy stimulates our cells and boosts cellular energy. In addition, to enhancing skin health and muscle recovery, clinical research has shown light therapy can improve the body’s ability to lose weight. There are numerous clinical studies that provide how red and near-infrared light therapy is effective including physical and emotional health/well-being.

blankWhat are the benefits of red light therapy?

The benefits are very wide-ranging. It helps achieve enhanced skin health. It helps in wrinkle reduction, enhances peek athletic performance, improves cognitive and sexual performance. All these benefits come from red light therapy and they are all clinically proven. This field is not well known but it is an emerging field. It has been around the mid 20th century.

What is the easiest way through which people can use red-light therapy?

The easiest and least expensive way to get light therapy is to get natural sunlight. Many people try to avoid going out in sun and prefer to wear a sunblock when out in sun. However, the reality is that the full-spectrum sun is very healthy not in a way we typically use it. It is very healthy to spend some time under the sun on daily basis. Scott says the easiest way is by starting to make sure we spend some time under the natural light and also light in general. Studies have been conducted on how some types of artificial lights can have negative ramifications on our health and disturb our circadian rhythm.

Do you think excessive use of digital devices is affecting our health?

Our body responds to different lights in different ways. Our ancestors were not surrounded by artificial light and spent most of the time outside. Their main sources of light were sun and in some cases, candles. Since the mid 20th century, due to the advancement in technology and consistent presence of digital devices in our lives, we are exposed to artificial light almost all the time. Our biological systems cannot adapt that fast to the overexposure of artificial light. From a high level, it is about understanding the core principle that our bodies have adapted to natural sunrise and sunset and light helps us to adjust our circadian rhythm. Many patients also take hyperbaric oxygen therapy brisbane to increase their serotonin levels and overall health.

Since red light therapy can generate new cells, can it also improve communication between cells?

Scott says red-light therapy has the ability to improve communication between cells. In fact, there is some well-understood mechanisms of actions involving light therapy and there are also some emerging mechanisms that seem to be happening but are not understood by academic researchers at the moment. When it comes to well-understood mechanisms, they can be further divided into two categories; primary and secondary. Primarily at a high level, these wavelengths of light help produce more mitochondria at a cellular level. A byproduct of this is better communication at a cellular level.

Can you tell us a little about your products?

If we want to use Scott’s product for red light therapy, first we need to make sure if we are not able to get enough natural sunlight. His products are more of a supplement. There are a couple of things you need to look out for when buying such a product. You need to make sure that the device you are using has been clinically proven to provide lights of certain wavelengths. You also need to look out for a device that provides enough power so your

treatment times are short. You do not want to buy yourself a product and then go on to use it for hours in a day.

How do you think your product can help us enhance our performance in our lives?

Scott says he does not aim to treat for something general through his products. He primarily uses light therapy to deal with health-related issues.

Scott says that most of the people who are into health and into performance, they make sure their diet is optimized, they want to make sure their sleep is optimized. If you are going to supplement with something, you want to make sure you supplement with the right things. Scott says one thing that always gets ignored in the process is the importance of light and its pivotal role in optimal health and performance.

Has red light therapy shown any evidence to cure cancer?

Scott says it is a question he has come across many times in recent times. He had the opportunity to co-author and publish a paper on light therapy and cancer. It was published in early 2018. At a high level, it does appear to show evidence to cure cancer. However, there is also some studies that showcase that light therapy can actually promote tumor growth because theoretically, you are helping the infected cells grow hence contributing in tumor growth. There is some conflicting research on this topic.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Within a business context, the best advice he has ever been given is the actually the concept of ready, fire and aim. Scott likes to invest his time and energy in startups, he likes to build up businesses from scratch. In case that your kid needs therapy, visit this recommended site here for more information.

How can we connect with you?

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