Kelly Morris has guided thousands with her unique ability to bring forth the truths with yoga and meditation. In the wake of one of America’s greatest tragedies on September 11, 2001, Kelly was chosen as the cover story for New York Magazine, as a leading light + voice of compassion at a time of great violence, fear and confusion. Kelly created The Infinity Call—a one-of-kind daily meditation experience for women around the world. It’s A LIVE broadcast for women only M-F, each session is available for 24 hours and then vanishes.  The Infinity Call has been featured in the WSJ, One Kings Lane, InStyle, The Coveteur, Well + Good and many more. As you’ll see in this interview, Kelly is direct, frank, empowered by compassion, but mostly, LOVE. She’s  like no other meditation or spiritual coach you’ve ever worked with.   

blankWhat got you into meditation?

Kelly believes many yoga teachers, practitioners and a lot of people in the spiritual field do not meditate. This is because most of them haven’t been taught how to meditate properly. She was brought up and raised in a patriarchal society. She wanted to break shackles and oppose the concept of a system, society or government where men get control of everything. For Kelly, the answer lied in meditation. Through meditation, she was able to achieve a greater sense of consciousness for herself and for women around her. Today, she is leading a live broadcast day in day out by the name of ‘The Infinity Call’.

What is ‘The Infinity Call’?

Kelly believes it is difficult to start a meditation practice at home due to various reasons. Kelly started IThe Infinity Call which is only for women. The Infinity Call is a live broadcast that women can join from any corner of the world. It is a live guided meditation that is led by Kelly herself and the focus is to increase self-consciousness through meditation and enable women empowerment. Kelly says hundreds of women have joined this program. We live in a world that is actually not safe for women and Kelly hopes to make this world a safer place for women through this program.

Why do you believe meditation is so important for you and for everyone else?

Kelly believes that for many people meditation does not seem like something very revolutionary. This is because the whole concept of meditation revolves around an individual sitting in a corner and chanting a mantra repeatedly and or perform a ritual in complete silence. Studies suggest that human beings generate a large number of beta brain waves during everyday life when we are mostly occupied with work and when our attention is towards the outside world. Beta brainwave state is associated with paranoia, anxiety, self-doubt, and depression. People who are prone to depression or anxiety are not able to produce GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) neurotransmitter.

People who are addicted to certain things like drugs, gambling or sex are also unable to produce GABA neurotransmitter in large quantity. Studies have indicated that people who meditate are able to produce high amounts of GABA neurotransmitter. Therefore, meditation can help people suffering from depression, anxiety and drug addiction.

Why do you think positive affirmations do not work?

Kelly believes unless you believe in that positive affirmation, it will never work for you. This is because you will need to produce the hormones and chemicals associated with that sentiment hence making it possible for you to believe in it. If you want to raise your self-esteem and if you really want to believe in your abilities, you should first try to create the chemical consciousness inside of yourself, enable yourself to believe in it. You could do this by borrowing someone’s mojo, it could be some celebrity, your friend or a relative.

How do you take your clients through a meditation session?

Kelly trains her clients to retrieve their consciousness which is an individual’s greatest resource. Kelly intends to reach out to women across the world through The Infinity Call program. She says she expects women from different cultures, religion, race, country, socioeconomic status to join this program.

Where do you feel your passion come from?

She believes her true passion to work and for women, empowerment is due to the fact that women are constantly being persecuted in this patriarchal society and much needs to be done to stop this persecution. Kelly believes as a woman she can enable other women to look out for themselves, protect themselves and create awareness among other women who in turn can stand-up for their rights. Kelly believes women have the ability to heal the world.

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