Happy Valentine’s Day! I know that Valentine’s Day can bring up all sorts of emotions — a whole range of emotions some feel good. Some might not feel so good. Just notice whatever is arising for you without judging it but observing the emotional background. Allowing whatever you are feeling some space. And let’s face it regardless of our external situation, whether you are in a relationship or not, we know that the real power of love exists within us. Your relationship status doesn’t have anything to do with how much love you can cultivate. Whatever you are feeling today whether it’s not very much love or it’s a whole lot — there is even more love for you to tap into.

Love is our superpower. Love can overcome obstacles. Love can heal. Love can inspire. Love is creative.

I want to share with you a meditation + emotional flood exercise. I’m going to describe what that means. There are many forms of meditation and a form of meditation can be to focus on an object in meditation — so for this meditation – the object of meditation is love. And emotional flood means we have the power to flood ourselves with positive emotions — emotions that feel good. My intention is to take you on a journey to access deeper love regardless of your external situation. The energy of love is powerful. So allow yourself the time to intentionally create.

I’m going to guide you through a meditation to connect with the love that’s already in your heart.

Before we begin. Make sure you’re seated comfortably with your back straight and relaxed. gently close your eyes.

Any tension you feel in your body simply notice it and let it go.

Relax your mind. Let go of any self-judgment about whether you are doing things right or not… And allow yourself to be here now.

Relax between your brows, let your attention move from the outside world to your inside world.

Relax Your shoulders. Relax your arms. Relax your belly. Relax your legs. And feel your seated position connecting with the earth.

Tune into your breath. Feeling the gentleness of the breath. Notice the quality of the breath is different on the inhale vs. the exhale. You may experience the air as cool as it enters your nose and warm as you exhale.

Place your hands on your heart.

We’re going to go on a journey together to connect with the love we have in the center of our chest.

But first, physically feel your heart.  Take a deep breath into your heart. Feel the power of your heart. Feel the strength of your heart.

Feel gratitude for your heart in what it has guided you here to do in this life. To give and to be. Think about it, you didn’t have to buy this heart

You didn’t have to do anything for it. You didn’t have to earn it doesn’t ask you for anything in return.

This is a gift of life.

You were given this gift instantly when you were born. It supports you every day. And as long as it beats — you’re alive.

Right now I invite you to step into a moment in your life that you can feel deep feelings of love for. This can be any moment at all.

It can be from your childhood or as an adult. But it’s a moment that you can feel deep feelings of love for. It could be when you achieved something you didn’t think you could — a vacation — a pet — a friend — a life change — a person.  

Breathe in your heart.

And step into that moment… and see what you saw then. Hear what you heard then. Feel what you felt then. Bring it all in now.

Feel yourself full of love. Let the warmth flood throughout your whole body. Take it in. Breathe it in.

Now take your hand off your heart and continue to breathe deep into your heart. We’re going to go on a deeper journey for these last two minutes. Feeling each one of these moments in your body as if you were there. Think about people in your life. Who have helped you along the way whether it be directly or indirectly. And one by one. Bring them to mind. As you hold them in your mind send them love too.

Now think about someone you’ve had challenges or conflict with – bring to mind their name. For we know they have hurt you in any way that they are hurting too in some way. It doesn’t make what they’ve done right. In this moment, we send them love.

Now quickly shift to a moment you did something you were proud of — It could be graduating from school, doing an act of kindness, – helping someone — volunteering, getting a new job, speaking up for someone or something. Bring in more moments and stack each on top of the next.

And for the next 10 seconds —  reach out into the future and bring it moments that you’re excited about. One by one. Picture those moments playing out in ways that your heart desires… and feel the feeling of gratitude. And connect with the vast love in your heart — the limitless potential to create.

By training in love and connecting with our heart in this way — we impact our energy field and become more magnetic to loving experiences.

As you gently open your eyes and arise from this meditation break — remember to continue to carry these moments with you and continue to connect with your heart.

I wish you lots of love.