Aug 13
August 13, 2013

Money Love

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Everyday you go to work make that green paper. You’re constantly dealing with the stress of making money.

Magazines, billboards, commercials and celebrities are always showing off the latest stuff. And, you always want more than you have.  It’s frustrating when you can’t get what you want.

You’re living in a material world and it’s making you crazy.

It’s easy to have a negative relationship with money.  Sometimes you actually “hate it!”

These feelings can affect your spending habits and even the amount you earn.

Try to become more aware of your thoughts when you’re dealing with money and take these steps to improve your relationship with it:

1. Replace negative thoughts about yourself and money with positive and productive ones. Negative self-talk will keep you mired in a “less-than” mindset.

2. Try not to be afraid to talk about money.

3. You might think -“If only I had money, I’d be happy!”  But, happiness can never be bought.

4. Respect your money- remembering that how you take care of your money reflects how you feel about yourself; You are valuable.

5. If you have a healthy relationship with money and are comfortable around it – like it’s your partner – and free yourself from stressing over it, you may start to live more abundantly.

Clearing a path and improving your relationship with money will give you what you need to prosper-and you might get a bonus – realizing how much you already have.