Nicole Moore is an NYU Certified Life Coach. She is passionate about helping Women everywhere find True Love and transform their relationships, especially the ones they have with themselves. She committed herself to learning and practicing everything she could about self-love. At first, it was painful; loving herself seemed like the most unnatural thing to do. But the tiny shifts added up and soon she was feeling better about herself more than she ever had. The internal change was reflected in her outside world. She began to look better, eat better, act better and even attracted her soul mate. She believes that when you truly love yourself, everything in your life works.

How would you define your personal and professional growth?blank

Nicole says she has done many programs from Tony Robbins and Mama Gena’s for past ten years. She was in a relationship when she started this business. Back then, Nicole felt like she was in the perfect relationship however, things changed drastically when she started her business. The person she was dating became emotionally abusive and very critical. Nicole started to lose her believe in love and its existence. That particular relationship helped Nicole to grow as an individual. When she left that relationship, she gave herself a lot of time to heal and fill herself with self-love. Nicole remembers she actually made a list of ways she wanted to be loved. The list had all the ways she had not been loved and there were total eight different ways. It is crazy but true that when she met Mike, her husband, she realized he does all of those eight things and in abundance. Nicole took a stand for what she deserved and she realized she was meant for much more than what she had been accepting.

How did you start the journey of loving yourself more?

Loving yourself simply means caring about yourself on daily basis. It is very simple; all you have to do is pay attention to your heart and the thoughts that come to your mind. Look at the conversations you have with yourself. Back when Nicole had not discovered the concept of self-love, she would often say something critical about herself and sometimes her own words would hurt her emotionally. Therefore, for Nicole loving herself more meant paying attention to her heart and her conversation to herself. She would look at her choices and how her choices affected her heart. She had to make sure that she creates her own space in herself.

How would you teach someone to find love in his or her life?

You should have the ability to make yourself willing to new experiences. Sometimes, finding love in life is not an easy process. The fact is that most of the people when hurt, tend to close their hearts but you have to make a declaration to yourself to be willing to experience more and meet new people. When Nicole broke out of her relationship in New York, she knew this man had cheated on her and it was a lot of pain. However, she still remembers this particular moment clearly, when she left him and was in her apartment when she did that declaration of not closing her heart for new things in life. Many women tend to close their heart when they experience hurt in their love life. We feel like we need to defend ourselves in those situations and that is why close our hearts.

You also need to believe in your love vision and in the desire that you have in your heart. If the desire is in your heart, then it is meant for you.

Did you have the desire to have a business of your own?
Before starting her own business, Nicole had a job in public relations, but she really did not like it. She would often think to herself that she should be doing something else. She thought of things she liked doing and somehow made a business out of it. Nicole had this vision of working with people one on one and helping them out. She also wanted her work to be location independent so she could work from anywhere. She was in a landmark program where she saw a girl tell her she was going for a life coach certification. That is when she realized she could do it and she did not have to be super-aged to help people. Eventually, she quit her job and decided to enroll at New York University for life coaching.

Do you ever have challenges in your relationship?

Like every other couple, Nicole also has disagreements with her husband but they are both very good in dealing with such situations. She remembers the time when they had their first baby and were both tired. There were moments when they would say something out of frustration to each other but always dealt with the situation accordingly.

Do you believe loving yourself before entering in a relationship is important?

Loving yourself before entering a relationship will help you but it is not a prerequisite for entering into a relationship. You can get into a relationship any time. However, if you really love yourself, it helps you relate to your partner and help you in your relationship. Not everyone loves himself or herself fully and in every single area. You do not have to be perfect to find love; you just have to be willing.

What does living your purpose mean to you?

Living your purpose means all about doing the work that makes you feel good and authentic. You can do it in many different ways. For every person, it is just about figuring that thing you can give back to world. For Nicole, it is self-love and she hopes to teach people to love themselves. Living her purpose means helping people fall in love with themselves.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

“Quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your mindset”. It is very important to work on your thoughts because they go on to define your life. You should not be ruled by your mind, you should be willing to experience more.

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