Fruit is great to eat on the go. You can eat most fruits while running around town. But not this one. You have to be careful when eating a pomegranate.  It’s red, messy and stains everything it comes in contact with.

The pomegranate – which has been around since ancient times – requires your special attention.  People used to cut the pomegranate, break it apart, take the clusters of juice sacs out, and chew on those sweet, yet tart seeds. Like the good old days, you still can rip it apart and munch on it- but there’s much more power to a pomegranate.

This red, seedy fruit (which has about 800 seeds) has lots of benefits:

  • Preventing heart disease
  • Treating various types of cancer-including breast and skin cancer.
  • Powerful and high antioxidants – protecting you against pollution, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Keeps your immune system strong.  Pomegranate juice is full of Vitamin C and can lower your cholesterol.

Pomegranates are good for your body, but not so good for your wardrobe.  You might want to either wear red or be naked when you’re munching away so you don’t have to worry.

You can even grab pomegranate juice on the go (just pick one of the juicing blenders and don’t spill your drink).