Jun 21
June 21, 2011

Practice Self-Compassion

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As a life coach, I help you become more self-aware and we investigate your thinking. Most people would never say the things they say to themselves to their friends or family. If we were as mean to them as we are to ourselves, probably nobody would want to be around us.

Your self-talk is critical to your success. The article in The New York Times, shows evidence that how you treat yourself makes a difference. Dr. Neff, said, “Self-compassion is really conducive to motivation.”

Treat yourself as you would want others to treat you.

I encourage you to read this insightful article called, “Go Easy on Yourself, A New Wave of Research Urges.” Click here to read the article.http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/02/28/go-easy-on-yourself-a-new-wave-of-research-urges/?scp=1&sq=compassion&st=cse