Hillary Hendershott is the founder and chief advisor at Hilary Hendershott financial. She is a financial coach, money mindset expert, and experienced wealth manager. She has worked for nearly 15 years with people who want to preserve their wealth, make it grow, and eliminate financial stress once and for all. She is also the host of Profit Boss Radio, a podcast that highlights inspiring women who have created success in their financial and professional life.

blankWhen was the moment in your life when you decided to get hold over your relationship with money?

There were a few of those moments when Hilary felt that way. She was working in a commission only position during the mortgage crisis. She had a very low income during that period. She had some initial successes and gained some big commissions. She had built up huge expenses. She had already bought a condo but did not have enough money to buy furniture for it. She owned a BMW but was almost out of gas and did not have enough money even in her credit cards to fuel up her car’s tank. Her bank accounts were empty and her credit cards were maxed out. She had got herself in massive amounts of debts. This was when she decided to change her lifestyle and get hold over her irrational behavior with money.

Hilary graduated from college with a degree in economics and that too with the highest distinction. She was a certified financial coach.

What was the first action step you took to gain control over your wealth?

The first thing she did was to move out of the condo and into her mother’s guest room. She rented out her condo. She started to look for new jobs. She found a job as a financial advisor in her father’s firm. She got honest with people about her financial troubles. Hilary stopped going out on parties with people because she knew she could not pay for it and felt no hesitation in telling it to people.

What are a few things you figured out in your life to achieve financial stability?

Hilary had some mixed up mindset about money. Her mother was a frugal woman and would only spend money on important things. She had set up her priorities early in her life. Hilary was never given enough money by her mother to buy presents for her friends or to attend parties. Hilary developed a scarcity mindset. She grew up with this belief that there was never enough money to do things in life and also with a contradictory belief that buying expensive things would help her gain approval from people around her. She used to believe that being rich meant spending money. She only realized it after she got broke that being rich is about keeping money and using it wisely. She lowered her overhead expenses and found new ways to increase her income.

Are there key questions that can help people gain insight into what their money psychology is?

Hilary has a survey questionnaire pdf workbook on her website. Its called ‘mind over money’. It contains questions like what is it you believe is true about money? It asks you to look into your experiences with money. Is it easy to earn money for you or is it hard? Do you spend a lot of time at work just to earn more money? Do you believe working more can help you earn money? By answering these questions, an individual can gain insight to what their money psychology is.

Who are your major clients?

Her website says ‘wealth management for empowered women’. She almost exclusively works with women and especially women are in later years of their lives. Most of them are approaching their retirements or are executives in the workplace. She has had such type of clients from a very long time.

Hilary once had a millionaire client who had no idea about using a debit card. She used to write herself a cheque every time she needed money from the bank. The problem with most financial advisors is that they do not seem interested enough to work with you if you do not have a lot of money in your bank account. From a financial advisor perspective, it is perfectly fine to decline a client who does not have a big bank balance because you want to maximize your profits as well as an advisor.

To tackle this situation, Hilary has recently developed a new program called ‘ignite investing’ for people who do not have a lot of money in their bank accounts. It took her almost a year to launch this program. In this program, she aims to work with people who are willing to invest as low as $25000. She aims to serve these people adequately and efficiently through this program.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Being rich is not about how much you get to spend, it’s about how much you get to keep. This quote has enabled Hilary to change her life and the lives of so many people around her.

How can we connect with you?

You can find her through her website. Her website’s URL is


She also hosts a podcast show every Tuesday where she conducts interviews of various people and talks about aspects of financial planning, bitcoins, social security, and interest rate hikes.