Dab on foundation, add blush, and smear on a little eye shadow.

Over time, using make-up made with chemicals and preservatives can damage your skin and result in your biggest skin phobia-wrinkles! This is unacceptable for a person who takes care of her skin. There is always another option to make your skin flawless. You can use some botox skin products with naturally derived ingredients making botox last longer.

Going from traditional cosmetics to natural mineral make-up that comprises majorly of oils has benefits. One can go so far as using brushes that have been made from animal hair alternatives. Below are a few important considerations.

* Stays on exactly where you put it-all day

* Evens out skin texture

* Is hypoallergenic and good for sensitive skin

* Camouflages scars

* Doesn’t clog pores

* Offers natural SPF protection and reflects the sun’s

harmful rays, hiding fine lines and wrinkles

* And according to a blog post from American Acne Foundation, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory-helping with pimples, acne

and rosacea

* Provides great coverage so you’ll have flawless looking


* Has no harmful ingredients and leaves your skin with a

silky complexion

“Best of all, because mineral powders are inorganic and contain no moisture, bacteria doesn’t grow and no preservatives are needed in the make-up.  Mineral make-up contains no perfumes, talc, alcohol, or dyes.  It works on all skin types no matter what climate you’re in and it minimizes imperfections-all without any harmful side effects,” says beauty expert, Lisa Foree.

Make the transition to mineral make-up. The advantages are significant.

Go mineral – your skin will have a great foundation for life.

You can find mineral make-up at your local department store, Sephora or drug store. For mineral make-up products, Click Here.