When I was 25 years old, a mentor gave me a piece of advice that forever changed my life.

I wanted to start my own business, but I was struggling a bit.

He said to me, “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.”

It was exactly what I needed to hear. 

Even today—13 years later—I return to these wise words whenever I find myself stuck.

This piece of advice helped me create my first website myself from scratch using iWeb (this was before websites like Squarespace existed). I had no idea how to build a website, but I played around with it and threw something up. It was far from perfect, but it brought me my very first paying customers. 

This piece of advice helped me launch my first podcast – even though it sounded like I was in a wind tunnel. But it didn’t stop me from interviewing top entrepreneurs and authors such as Jairek Robbins, Mastin Kipp, and many more.   

It’s a total myth that we have bought into the idea that we have to have it all figured out to start. 

Too often, we find ourselves waiting until we have more information, the right degree, a fancy certification, or more free time to start something we’re passionate about. Sometimes, we even use our lack of confidence as a reason to wait until we’re ready to take action.


This is the mind’s way of keeping you safe—but it won’t get you what you want. 

Do you know what will

When you feel your heart’s desire spark—and that’s your indication to jump in.

Not ready to post an inspirational quote on Instagram? Share it.
Not ready to write your first article? Write it.
Not ready to start that website? Start it.
Not ready to speak up and share your ideas in a meeting? Speak it.

Don’t wait to feel ready… feel the fear and do it anyway. 

Nobody starts as an expert. 

You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.

Tell me, what have been wanting to do but waiting until you’re “ready”?