Ariane Leanza Heinz is a private vocal consultant. She believes your voice is as unique as your fingerprints and has the potential to be clearly heard when exposed to the right training. We are using our voices every day of our lives, and still, there is no class in school that teaches us how to efficiently use it. She starts with breathing techniques —aligning your spine and ribcage with minimal effort, she will bring you to the recognition of your own inner breathing system, which is directly linked to the nervous system and affects our ability to publicly present or speak. Ariane guides people of all professions: professors, singers, TV anchors, Ted Talk speakers/// and many more to discover their voice, gain confidence and presence. Her goal is for each person to optimize their breathing and get voice clarity — for their message to reach the heart of their audience.

blankWhy is it so hard to access the depth of our voice?

Most of us have put up a layer around ourselves. We try to exhibit identities that are not linked to our true self. This prohibits us to access our inner spiritual voice. We try to think and act in a certain way resulting in a deviation from our true self. These actions are obstacles in our way to access the depth of our voice. We try to mold our personalities with certain expectations from our parents, teachers, society and even ourselves. These are expectations not aligned with who we are. It throws us off the grid.

How do you help people train for TED Talks?

Most of the speakers who are preparing for a TED talk present their content to Ariane. Ariane works on the content of the talk. She helps them focus on habits and actions that these people always do when they are in public but are not aligned with their personalities. Sometimes it is as simple as pointing it out to her clients and they can easily get rid of it. Sometimes, it involves working more with her clients to make sure they get rid of certain actions and habits when they are in public. Most of the people who give TED Talks are highly intelligent individuals and they have the ability to grasp a lot of information and to go along with all instructions in a very short span of time.lif

Can you share a story of an individual who you trained for a TED talk?

There was a client who had so much energy and was so much enthusiasm that he wanted to convince everybody with his thoughts. Anything he would say, it suggested the same monotonous tone where he was trying to convince people with his ideas. Ariane told him to calm down a bit and it is not necessary to convince everybody in every phrase. Ariane looked at the entire content of his talk and at all the intentions he had in each part of his talk.

How do you work on someone’s voice and help them in a situation where they are afraid of addressing something or speaking up?

When we are afraid of something we have our gazelle brain coming in. By a ‘gazelle brain’, Ariane means it’s like a gazelle meeting a lion who now has to run away to save its life. Similarly, we try to avoid or get away from a situation where we are afraid to speak. The brain does not comprehend the difference between a danger or a situation where we are nervous. Ariane employs ‘The Silent Number’ system in her program to deal with such situations. It helps you reset your nervous system. She had a client who was struggling to find a job and was always nervous during the interviews. After only a few months of coaching by Ariane, she was able to secure a job.

How did you manage to regain confidence in your life and help others struggling with confidence?

Ariane was born in Geneva and received her formal education in Geneva. After completing her graduation, she got a job as a teacher involving music and art. Ariane shortly started to feel she wanted to do more in her life. She was looking for something more challenging. As a result, she got an opportunity to teach a senior class than what she was already teaching. However, soon she realized she wanted to be a performer rather than a teacher. She started to write her own songs and decided to move to New York to actually perform. She moved to New York on a student visa to study further. She lived in New York for 10 years. During her time in New York, Ariane wrote a lot of songs but always had trouble performing on stage in front of a live audience. That is when she came across the avatar course that helped her do inside out work and regain confidence. Avatar course is about consciousness work, going to the deep root of our patterns and changing them. She did it and was able to change her life. This was also the year she married her husband with whom she had been in a relationship for past five years but could not commit because of those patterns.

Can you share with us a deep-rooted pattern that you worked on?

She never knew why she wasn’t able to commit fully to her relationship. In her workshops in the avatar course, Ariane discovered that the reason she wasn’t able to commit to her relationship was that she never wanted to be like her mother who was just a housewife and did not manage to build up a professional career. She believed if she got married she would not be able to excel in her professional career.

Can you briefly explain what the avatar course is?

It is a nine-day course and puts you in power of your life. You learn tools to create your life and also to destroy the patterns that limit you to live your life to its true potential. You have nine procedures that you can do on yourself once you are done with the course. One of Ariane’s friend was able to stop smoking within 15 minutes through the methods used in this course.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

The best advice that she has been given is to never think that the truth that she knows or believes in is actually the real truth. There is always something to explore.

How can we connect with you?

You can find more about her work through her website. Her website’s URL is