Caroline Zwickson is a women’s health coach and specifically helps women on issues related to pregnancy. Caroline shares her story of how she came to USA from Germany at the age of 16 and why she decided to stay in USA. We ask how she thinks her life changed by staying in USA and how it led to her becoming a women’s life and fertility coach.carolinezwickson


When she was 16, she came to USA as a part of an exchange program. Caroline was an exchange student and was to study for one year in USA. It was difficult for Caroline to make this transition of going from a small town in Germany to a city in USA. She had to adjust to this lifestyle. The way people communicated, the way they made friends, everything was different, so it was a difficult adjustment for Caroline.

What made her stay in USA?

There were various reasons involved in her decision to stay in USA. In Germany, an individual goes to high school for 13 years, in USA it is 12 years. Caroline saw this as an opportunity to complete her high school one year earlier if she would stay in USA. She knew she could cut out one year by not going back and so she stayed. She also felt American educational system was better than German educational system because it allowed her to think openly, share her ideas and opinions. Another thing that had an influence was sports. She felt like sports for girls was actually cherished in USA unlike Germany.

How did she choose this path?

After graduating from Boston College with a major in International studies and minor in health studies, Caroline felt like she should be more involved with study related to human health and body. Her father was a doctor, her mother was a doctor and this was one fact that heavily influenced her decision to start studying medical studies in University of Columbia, New York. Caroline’s health deteriorated over the course of next few months, she went back to Germany, was operated for two herniated discs and that is when she realized medical studies was not meant for her. She ended up getting her masters in counseling psychology.

Caroline’s own struggle with hormonal health, her period and fertility.

Caroline was 29 when she first felt this resistance of using that birth control pill she had been using for year which was supposed to save her from getting pregnant unwantedly. She decided not to consume the pill and see how her body would react. Surprisingly nothing happened, her period was nowhere in sight. She was advised by her OBGYN to go back on birth control. Caroline did not like the idea and for the first time in 15 years started looking for natural and holistic ways to bring her body back into balance and support it in re-learning what every female body naturally wants to do and is designed to do: have a regular period and be fertile. Caroline spent the next two years searching and trying out different things including nutrition and lifestyle changes as well as experimentation of products like Balance Activ on how to chart her cycle to get back into a somewhat regular menstrual rhythm. Her parents developed customized treatment for her using Absolute Pharmacy resources. This is when she got pregnant, just a few days after her wedding.

How does she help other women?

Caroline says she understand the worries, fears, and frustrations when it comes to hormonal balancing and the desire for children. From her own work as a life coach, Caroline has further observed how stress, denial of your own powers and passions, and lifestyle choices can take their toll on women’s hormonal health. She says knowing firsthand how sensitive and complex our reproductive system is and functions, she began to educate herself in women’s holistic and hormonal health and how to approach the mind-body system naturally. She know first-hand that this is an ever-growing concern in ever-younger women and she is committed to helping women solve this “scary” issue with confidence and calmness. You can find more about how she works and helps by visiting her website. The URL for website is at the bottom of show notes.

What are Caroline’s views on birth control pills?

Caroline says she personally would not be using birth control pills anymore. She thinks it does not perfectly go with her body. The affects these pills have on your body cannot be ignored. Nevertheless, Caroline says the effects of such pills vary from person to person and have actually helped women a lot to take charge of that part of their life they were not able to take charge before. She advises women to make sure they have enough knowledge about the pills before they start using them and how the pills interact with the body. You should also look for signs from your body and figure out if the pills suits your body. Desert Mobile Medical specialists provide in-house medical care services, when a house visit is needed.

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