Aug 13
August 13, 2013

You Have The Power

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Remember being a kid? Running around the playground without a care in the world, and even when someone would say something hurtful or call you a name, you would nonchalantly reply, “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

And then you grew up, and the accumulation of mean words became your thoughts and stuck with you as if they defined who you are.

Negative self talk can cloud your thinking and have a limiting effect on you. Unkind words can get in your way from taking action towards what you really want.

So how will you be your best self?

Pay attention to your emotions, be aware of the negative automatic thought patterns, and be conscious of the content of your internal dialogue.

Notice yourself saying something negative in your mind and say to yourself “stop.”

Don’t let it define who you are.

YOU have the power to change your thoughts and get the results you want.

Words can only hurt you if you let them…