It’s not easy to find a flower in the ground in NYC. The only flowers you really see are placed on the streets at Deli stands.

A flower can blossom – wherever, as long as it has water and light. Just as a flower blossoms and expands, being open is a great way to begin the book “A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle. Be here now, with an open mind and let the words of the book flow through your mind. Allow the process of understanding what the words mean to happen naturally and effortlessly. Trust that if your mind is open – the information will come in organically and your mind will be able to process the information. The more you try to ‘get’ what the book is saying – that is your ego (the voice in your head that tells you “I don’t get it!”), the more difficult it will be. Whether you understand or don’t understand what Eckhart is talking about- it’s great that you’re reading!

If something does not make sense to you- try to break the sentence down and figure out what part doesn’t make sense to you. Come back to it or take some time to give it more thought. Becoming aware of what you don’t understand- is the beginning of becoming more conscious.

From my perspective, it would be fairly safe to say we’re constantly thinking- whether it is conscious or unconscious. These thoughts stem from our internal dialogue (mind & body) which then come to life as we see it – physical reality. The thoughts are the seeds that grow into the garden or jungle you create.

It’s difficult to understand what you cannot see. You cannot see thoughts but human thought is what makes humans the most powerful species on earth.

Take a moment to look around you- the chair you sit in, the computer you type at, etc. all started with a thought which resulted into a physical creation.

Reaching greater levels of awareness within yourself might at first be a painful experience. You might become aware of things you do not want to accept, you don’t like, etc. but it is the first step to creating more peace within. Peace within expands out- which will make a better earth.

Allow your mind to be open, deepen your understanding, and advance your thinking. I’m here to take this journey of “Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose” with you. Let this book give you some water and light and allow yourself blossom – even if it’s on the side of the street.

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  • Becky

    I’m really thinking about trying to greet my day with your example of a flower opening up. I really love flowers – feel good when they are in my home – and hate when they aren’t open and fresh looking. I think your probably right that when you open your mind you can advance your thinking. It’s just hard to be that open at time. I think, though, that I am going to use flowers – everytime I see them (and I see them a lot in the grocery store) – as a reminder of the benefits I might get from being more open.
    ‘m also curious – Do you think you have to have a strong belief in yourself (confidence) before you find your life’s purpose?

  • Susan

    Just wondering how you would explain “awakening.”

  • Chris

    Anna.. so excited to take part in this discussion:) I loved the blog you posted previously, I think you gave good suggestions for really digesting the message of this book.

    I think the value that this book brings, and the reason why Oprah has been endorsing it so vehemently, is that it’s probably one of the first books (that have made it into the mainstream awareness) that puts into perspective the psychology of the ego along with spirituality. And it explains his theory of the human mind, body, and spirit in a way that is cohesive and understandable.

    I think it also gives valuable tools and suggestions on how to live in such a way that the ego is not in the drivers seat at all times. I think the most important thing I took away from this book is the idea of living “holy” or “wholy” using your mind (the ego) AND your spirit (the presence) as a way to experience life more fully. I think most people do identity with their minds.. “This is who I am, my personality, my history, my possessions, my friends, my job, etc.” which I think is an important part of our experience, I think we choose those things to be a part of our experience for a reason. But it’s when people get too caught up or attached to their perception of their identity and their ego as who they are, that causes conflict to arise in our lives and prevents us from flowing through life more peacefully. I think he is right to point out that the present moment is really all that exists outside of your mind.. and in focusing on the present moment we can experience life more fully and also have more to offer as an individual.

    What do you feel are the most important messages you got from this book?

  • Susan, great question! Awakening means having a heightened level of awareness of your thoughts, your life surroundings and others.

  • Chris! great response!! You raise an important point. Sometimes people aren’t aware and get attached to their perception of their identity and their ego as who they are, that causes conflict to arise in our relationships with ourself and the world. I feel the most important part of the book is understanding your ego and not being attached to it.

  • Mark

    One of the hardest aspects of sprituality is that we have been raised to see the spritual dimension outside of ourselves. I have often looked to others for spirtual direction or inspiration, other teachers, religous leaders or spiritual writers to guide me in this process. That can diminish our own spirituality because we may belittle our own insights or our own wisdom or “inner knowing”. I think the challenge is to balance our own spiritual teacher inside ourselves with what others can teach us. The blending of Eastern religion or philosophy with the Western approach can better serve us all in the journey of spirit. We all need to listen to the teacher within….as well as still being open to other teachers that are speaking their truths.