Joanna Lindenbaum is an entrepreneur, a business coach who helps women expand and grow their business while growing their sacred self. She shares her personal story of how she came to this realization when she started her own business.

What is your sacred self? joanna lindenbaum

Being an entrepreneur, it’s great to go for it but people don’t often realize is the moment you really truly commit to being an entrepreneur that is authentic that moves forward with integrity—that ultimately becomes successful. There is no true way to do those things if you only focus on marketing and operations

What’s needed alongside the marketing, operations and branding, is to get to the deeper layers of you.

To work on the fears that come up around visibility, value, and deserving. If you don’t work on holding yourself more sacred an own your value even more, all of the marketing formula’s in the world aren’t going to work for you. The best way to move forward in your business is to also grow your sacred self.

What are ways we can access deeper layers of ourselves?

The natural response to a fear is to run away from it or judge it, hate it, etc. But when we reject the fear, the fear festers. Inside every fear is deep learning and opportunity. The best thing to do is to befriend it. How is it showing up? Where did it come from? When did I start having it?

Joanna’s story of becoming a transformational leader:

Joanna was hiding in her headshots and was unaware that her fear of visibility was hindering the success of her business. She was hiding her brilliance and as she thought more about it she could see how she didn’t want to be seen. Even though she was waking up every taking action. She wasn’t gaining the tracking that she actually could have. As she took herself on this journey to healing she learned a lot of tools that she uses with her clients.

How to facilitate as a transformational leader?

She is best known for is to support entrepreneurs to become better facilitators. She says entrepreneurs in general are good at what they do one on one but if they are supposed to facilitate a group, they do not have the training. She teaches them how to be in front of the group and how to be dynamic, to make sure they can engage the group. One of the tools she teaches in facilitation techniques is to create a tight container, which actually means making sure people feel connected in a group
Joanna’s ‘Your Sacred Business’ program revolves around the whole concept of marketing and teaches you ways to attract client in the nascent phases of your business. Joanna believes people aren’t’ properly trained to market and she helps them market their talents and skills in a way that is aligned with their sacred self.

How can we connect with her?