You may be a bit taken aback by this title. You may even be wondering, Why is an experienced life coach telling me that I can do this whole thing on my own? First off, to clarify, that is not what I’m saying. At all. As someone who has been life coaching NYC clients for years, I can confidently say that life coaches can be extremely valuable for a number of reasons. However, I also honestly believe that we as people have more power than we think. While it may be helpful for you to meet with a life coach to delve deeper into your goals and aspirations, there are a few things that you can do first to become your own life coach.

1. Ask Yourself, “What Do I Want?”

It’s easy for us to go through our days on autopilot. There’s work, friends, family, hobbies, chores, and much more to be attended to in a single day. Many of us tend to just go through the motions so that we can get through our commitments and relax at the end of the day…or sleep and start it all over the next day. However, you will never be able to become the best version of yourself if you life on autopilot. Take some time to stop and ask yourself, “What do I want from life?” It may seem like a heavy question, but it’s so important. You may even find answers that you didn’t know existed! By asking these tough questions, you can guide your focus and adjust your actions accordingly. Make sure to utilize every chance of freedom which you get and go out and explore new places. If you fear the nerve pain, then there are medications for it which you can find on a high rated verified website with complete details of it. So even if you get 15 minutes of free time then use that time to go for a walk, as the fresh air will not just make your body feel better but will also help relax you mind.

2. Write Down Your Goals

Did you know that only 3% of adults write down their goals? Or that people who physically write down their goals are more successful? Dominican University Psychology Professor Dr. Gail Matthews conducted a study with 267 people. These people came from all around the world and had a variety of professions. But one thing stood out in the study: those who wrote down their goals and dreams on a regular basis were 42% more likely to achieve those goals and dreams. Just imagine how much more you could achieve in your life by taking a few moments out of your day to write down goals.

3. Use a Calendar

Being a life coach requires knowledge and discipline. The same is true if you are training to become your own life coach. One of the best tools to help you stay organized, disciplined, and clear-minded is a calendar. By writing down important deadlines, events, and celebrations, you can train your brain to manage your time better.

4. Be Intentional About How You Speak to Yourself

Inner dialogue is so important. Oftentimes, we underestimate just how much of an impact our own thoughts can have on us. Unfortunately, when left alone with our thoughts, we rarely have nice things to say about ourselves. We are truly our own worst critics. But did you know that science has found a link between inner dialogue and self-image? When we verbally beat ourselves up, we do serious damage. So start listening to your inner dialogue and replacing your negative thoughts with self-praise.

5. Find a Support Group

There are support groups for a number of things: mental health, addiction, grief, overeating, etc. However, few people actually take advantage of this amazing resource. Being a part of a support group can help you express your feelings to people who understand exactly what you’re going through. Studies have shown that support groups can improve social skills, decrease stress, and increase self-love and understanding. Why wouldn’t you want all of that?

By life coaching NYC clients for years, I have helped hundreds of people gain clarity on their lives and accomplish goals beyond their wildest dreams. I would love to help you, too! Take these five steps listed above to become more in touch with yourself. While I can work with anyone, it’s always helpful as an NYC life coach to have a client contact me who has started on some of the foundation work. If you’re looking for a life coach NYC based, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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