Ali Rittenhouse is an online business coach and a launch strategist who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs set up their business in online domain and convert their programs into profits. Marketing is one of those things that help you uniquely identify yourself in the market. The principle that forms the basis of marketing is that you do not have to wait for people to come to you for your services; you have to be out there and promote your business.


Ali is a high-school dropout, a college dropout and a teen mom as well. The year she started her business is the year she got divorced and moved in with her mother. There were many reasons that led to Ali making these rash decisions and it goes on to show that sometimes, even smart people take wrong decisions. Ali knew she had much more potential than just being a high-school dropout.

She started getting her GED in the meantime. She went to the nearest library, got a GED preparation book. After the birth of her daughter, she could not really take things further with her GED. Ali realized she had to change the way of things. She had a job where she got 6 dollars per hour and she felt miserable. She decided to enroll in a GED class in a nearby school. Within a few months, Ali started college and for her, it felt great to back in school and work hard for grades. The problem, however, for Ali was that she still had no idea what she really wanted to do with her life and taking all of these classes meant nothing. Through this process, Ali found a job that introduced her to the world of technology and she eventually took some web design classes at college. Life again rather took over, her daughter was starting school, and now she had to drop out of college. Ali felt like she had no purpose at that point in her life. Someone suggested her to look into the broader domain of virtual assistance online. Ali spent quite some time researching about virtual assistance and wanted to start a virtual assistance business. She eventually had to take the leap and find ways to start her business. She got a 20-week training of starting virtual assistance business and that allowed her to start this business.

How did you get your first client?

Her first client was a referral from a friend. Her friend was working with this person and she introduced Ali to a client who she thinks was not her ideal client. Ali recalls it was a terrible experience, and their interaction only lasted for six weeks. Her fist ideal client, who she found on her own via craigslist, was someone who was looking for a virtual assistant. Her client was relocating out of the country and needed someone to handle her business in United States. This client helped Ali to learn a lot about virtual assistance and running an online business.

How do you help you clients use technology for their benefit?

She teaches people the basics, the starting foundation to what they need and then allowing them to do something more complex. For example, a simple landing page with an offer or a live stream video instead of highly edited videos on YouTube. She listens to what they want to do and then creates a plan according to their needs. For anything big we want to do in our lives, we first have to take small steps and those small steps become a stepping-stone for bigger success. Ali aims to teach her clients the same principle.

What does your business look like now?

Now, Ali has her training programs, one on one coaching programs and she provides higher end consultancy. She feels like doing these things help her feel aligned and authentic. Ali has transformed from a service-based business to an agency that can help people in different areas and is a media company that produces content and courses for individuals.

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What advice would you give someone who has had a rough past and want to move on?

Ali says it is never too late to move forward in your life. Do not live in your past, what matters is your present and your future. Life is always about moving forward. Look at the small steps that can help you rectify the situation. Ali shares her own example of how she did not go straight to college but first got her GED. These small steps will eventually help you towards your main goal. When she got the GED book from the library, she knew it did not mean she would pass her test. She still had to work hard for it. In addition, she made sure she looked out for every resource available that could help her pass the GED test.

What advice would you give someone who wants to market his or her brand or product?

Start having conversations about your marketing with your friends and colleagues. You can use your Facebook feed and Instagram as well. Putting it out there will help you get a boost start in your marketing. Ali says it is the first thing she would do if she were to market her brand or product.

What does living your purpose mean to you?

For Ali, she feels her purpose is to help people through the work she does helping people develop plans for their business. She hopes to inspire other people as well to come forward and help people around them.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

To stay true to herself, stay authentic and stay exactly like who she is.

How can we connect with you?

You can find more about her upcoming work and past projects through her website. Her website’s URL is


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