Amanda Berlin is a former corporate publicity strategist. For a decade she wrote media pitches for companies like Disney, Dove, Baskin Robbins, Colgate, Campbell’s and more. Now Amanda uses her powers to help business owners write their web copy, tell their story, and spread their message in the media. She believes we all have something important to say, and it’s our responsibility to raise our voices and be heard.

What is the first step in pitching yourself at media?

blankYou have to know what you have to offer. Logistically, the first step would be identifying your goals and opportunities and starting to build your media list. You have to think what you can get in the media that might come across as innovative for people. You should work on a story of presenting your product or service in a way it becomes interesting.

How to uncover your own story? How to connect our story with what we do?

The easiest way is to divide your story into before and after and that epiphany moment in the middle. Start by sharing what you used to do in past and then talk about how you felt you need a transformation (epiphany moment) and conclude your story by sharing what services you provide now.

Another way to talk about your story is by providing an example of work that you have done with your client or in your work provide an example or an anecdote, a client story, which gives a theme of what you do.

How to put together or formulate a pitch?

It totally depends on your goals. Depending upon your goals, you will be reaching out to different type of media. If you are someone who does a lot of in-person work or events where someone needs to be in your geographical area, then you should resort to print outlets, radio or TV. If you run an online business and product/course that is launching then you should use podcast. If you just generally desire to raise awareness on an issue, use magazines as a source.

What is Amanda Berlin’s brand about?

Her big mission is to empower people who have a positive message of healing and improving other people’s lives. She empowers them through her pitching power so these people can raise their voice in the media. Amanda believes there are already many negative voices in this world and we need more people to step up, conquer our fear and raise voices to people who need us. She believes this is the absolute foundation of her brand.

How did you get in this business?

Amanda studied journalism in college after which she interned at CNN, wrote for a local paper. Upon her return to New York, she went into television production and from there she went to a similar type of work where she was producing celebrity press junket. This was indirectly her entry into publicity and then from there, she managed to work in a large PR firm. In the firm, she had clients who would come to them asking for a publicity of a consumer product or a service. This is where she used her skills in creating a story for her clients and helping them pitch their services or products in the media. Eventually, Amanda became the editorial director at this firm. Her epiphany moment was when she was 12 years in this work and started hating the culture of her company and sort of burnt out. She felt like she should become a life coach and did life coach training. She left her job. Amanda did not find much success as a life coach and realized life coaching was not meant for her. She felt like life coaching was completely out of alignment for her because her own life was in turmoil and it was not possible to help other people.

In this difficult time, Amanda managed to develop a non-profit proposal for a client. She contacted the executive director of a particular firm and told her about skills in pitching and previous work experience. Luckily, he was in search of someone to make a proposal and so Amanda saw it as an opportunity to rebuild her career. In addition, while she was making the proposal that is when she had that moment, a realization that she had not been doing this work for the right entities. She felt she could bring her ability of creating an amazing back-story for her clients and enable them to pitch their products or services in the media. That moment of realization was how her business was born and that was 4 years ago.

Can you tell us a little about your podcast?

Amanda’s podcast name is ‘The Pitch Podcast’. She started it because she loved having conversations about having the best way to pitch yourself in the media. She talks to entrepreneurs about their story, what they offer and how they gained visibility in the media. Sometimes, she invites journalists on her podcast and ask them what the journalists usually look for in a pitch.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Ii is something her dad said to her.

“Whenever there is a decision to be made even if it’s the biggest decision of your life, just be happy.”

How we can connect with her?

Her website’s URL is:

You can contact her through her website and know more about her podcast. You can also find out how she can help you to improve your business visibility. How