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January 27, 2014

What to Avoid to Stay Healthy

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Article Written by Joseph Giancona from Neighborhood Natural Medicine 

Many people ask, if I can help those who are trying to quit smoking. The answer is yes. Sort of. However, from my perspective, you need to stop eating flour and sugar before you stop smoking. In my opinion, flour and sugar harm you more than smoking. That does not mean it is okay to smoke, it simply means, eating flour and sugar is worse than smoking. If a patient wants me to help them stop smoking, we have to start by helping them to eliminate flour and sugar first.

Why? Because it takes energy to stop smoking. A proper diet is key for providing the body with energy. If you are eating a lot of flour and sugar, you will not have the necessary energy to quit smoking.

With that in mind, no one wants to get sick. Yet, without choice, we all get sick once and awhile. At Neighborhood Natural Medicine (NNM), we believe that the body has the power and intelligence to heal itself from anything. On our website, under the section ‘Our Philosophy,’ it begins by saying:

‘The body, if given the ideal internal/cellular/energetic environment conducive to healing, can heal any disease that is created within the body. All true healing is ultimately self-healing.  Any improvements in health that come from being treated at NNM are due to the patient’s own self-healing response being triggered.  At NNM, we do not focus on treating the disease, but on doing whatever is needed to awaken the natural self-healing mechanism inside the patient’.

The best internal/cellular/energetic environment conducive to healing is having a diet free from sugar and flour. All healing is self-healing thus, when you are sick the last thing your body needs is sugar.

Sugar adversely affects the body in these ways:

• Lowers immune functions

• Causes inflammation

• Stops the normal flow and healing response of hormones

• Blocks neurotransmitter functions

• Strains the metabolism

• Allows the flu virus to flourish

• Throws off the normal pH balance

• Deprives the body of vital nutrients

• Clogs the lymph and detox pathways

• Lowers the mood and energy needed to heal and finally it keeps you sick longer, by delaying recovery time.

I find when many people get sick they take a number of immune boosting supplements but these are useless if you are still eating flour and sugar. Vitamin C, andrographis, apple cider vinegar etc. are great for when you are sick, but they are rendered powerless for as long as sugar travels through the bloodstream.

We know what sugar does to hard bony structures, like our teeth (decay, cavities). Imagine what it does to the soft tissue of your organs, muscles, tendons and, skin. Most people are worried about getting sick. Instead of worrying about getting sick, one can be proactive by avoiding a couple of the main causes of sickness: flour and sugar. Health is cumulative. To know about your oral hygiene condition visit Arizona Biltmore Dentistry and book an appointment today.

Now is the perfect time to start on a two-month winter – no flour no sugar – health initiative! If your diet is free of flour and sugar, your treatments at Neighborhood Natural Medicine will be infinitely more effective.

I encourage you to take action today. I am right there with you. We can do this together. If you are healthy now and you enjoy the feeling, then gradually start reducing bread, bagels, muffins, croissants, cakes, cookies, pizza, alcohol, refined sugars. This will increase your chances of avoiding sickness this year and exponentially year after year.

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Joseph GiaconaJoseph Giacona has over 10 years of formal schooling, with up 10,500 hours of both clinical training and in-class instruction. Yet his true education came over the many years he has spent apprenticing along side numerous of the worlds top healing masters and doctors gaining direct, hands-on experience with thousands of patients, gleaning all the essential aspects of his mentor’s techniques. These teachers, about eight in total, instructed him in the healing arts of sujok acupuncture, acupuncture, modern homeopathy, meridian analysis, clinical nutrition, neuro-muscular rehabilitation, herbal medicine, clinical kinesiology, bio-resonance testing, detoxification, cold laser therapy, heart rate variability testing and nutritional acoustic myography. During those years Joseph has estimated seeing well over a few thousand patients, in no less than 20,000 individual treatments.